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4/18/14 Letter to Congressman William Owens Concerning Assistance with Obtaining Interview with EPA Scientist Responsible for Decision to Leave “Toxic Mound” on GM Superfund Site


Hon. William Owens
House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA

Dear Congressman Owens,

I have contacted Dr. Marian Olsen and Dale Kemery employees of the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning obtaining an
interview with Dr. Olsen.  Dr. Olsen was a major author of the Record
of Decision which is used to justify the decision to leave the “Toxic
Mound” in place on the GM Powertrain Superfund site in the Town of

Please write to the EPA and request that Dr. Olsen participate in this
interview.  I want to conduct an on the record interview by way of
recorded conference call.  I will make all technical arrangements for
this call.

Thank you for your assistance with this public education project.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig


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4/23/14 Media Advisory: Call for Government Accountability Heard Around Saranac Lake

Call for Government Accountability Heard Around Saranac Lake

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 3:00-4:30 PM

Harrietstown Town Hall, Saranac Lake, NY USA

I will start my visit to Saranac Lake at the Harrietstown Town Hall.
From there I will go to the Mc Donald’s Restaurant and the Grand Union

At each venue I will distribute a pamphlet which explains how careless
chemical use and government deceptions concerning the presence of
industrial chemicals in animal fat foods have led to ever rising rates
of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autism, ADHD,
obesity and autoimmune disease.  I share my understanding of how
exposure to industrial chemicals:  PCBs, flame retardants and the
other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is causing much harm to
public health in America and throughout the industrialized world.

My message warns that careless chemical use continues to this day.
Hydro fracking for gas and oil is too much careless chemical use after
too much careless chemical use already.  I call for government
accountability on careless chemical use and deceptions concerning the
health damaging effects of industrial pollutants.  I believe that in
holding government accountable for these bad actions we can move
forward to new days of careful chemical use and much improved public
health.  Bringing out the Truth about careless chemical use and
government deceptions regarding the harm caused by industrial
pollutants will empower the grassroots effort to stop all hydro

I will speak freely in the Harrietstown Town Hall to initiate contact
with this local government in hopes of obtaining its assistance with
moving the federal government to take action on POPs exposure
minimization.  Free speech is one of the most powerful tools we have
available for bringing change.  When the masses find their voices and
begin to speak freely about government accountability we will be close
to regaining control of the federal government.  I speak freely to
inspire others to speak freely.  I think of myself as a spark of
creating great change.

I choose to distribute information about industrial chemical
contaminants of food in the Mc Donald’s Restaurant and in the Grand
Union Supermarket because these places are where the animal fat
containing foods:  meats, fish, dairy products and eggs are sold.  I
know in my heart a strong desire to warn the public about the harm
being caused by POPs exposure.  Restaurants and supermarkets are the
perfect place to give this warning.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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4/26/14 Calendar Notice: Green Party and Other Earth Lovers Open Mic

Green Party and Other Earth Lovers Open Mic

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Ives Park, along riverside near Gazebo, Potsdam, NY USA

Come say what you want about changing our government into a good
government that protects the Earth and the health of Earth’s
inhabitants.  This is a great time to share good vibe for stopping
fracking, Keystone XL pipeline, tar sands, genetic engineering, wars
of aggression, and pesticide use.  It is a great time for promoting
organic farming, alternative energy production, cancer elimination,
and an all defense military.

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4/17/14 Media Advisory: Free Speech for Earth

Free Speech for Earth

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Outdoor Plaza South of Barrington Student Union, Potsdam College,
Potsdam, NY USA

“April is Earth Month. This is a most wonderful time for speaking and
dancing freely to bring environmental revolution. I believe that
Americans are beginning to awaken to the need to protect our Earth
Mother. Climate change, fracking, tar sands, the Keystone XL
pipeline, all of these assaults upon Earth are sparking little fires
of concern for the survival of the inhabitants of this planet. I am
for making all of our little fires into one very large fire of human
desire to protect our Mother. I am an environmental
revolutionary.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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Dancing and Speaking Freely to Bring an End to Fracking in America

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2/11/14 News Release: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Calls Upon County Legislature to Bring EPA Here for Public Discussion of Fracking Science

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Calls Upon County Legislature to
Bring EPA Here for Public Discussion of Fracking Science

During the public forum of the February 10, 2014 meeting of the St.
Lawrence County Legislature, Donald L. Hassig, Green Party candidate
in NY-21 made a presentation on the subject of fracking damages to the
environment and the harm to public health that is found to be
associated with fracking pollution.  Mr. Hassig called upon the
Legislature to write to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
in request of EPA participation in a local discussion of fracking

Fracking is a national issue.  St. Lawrence County is part of America
and must have a voice in national environmental protection.  St.
Lawrence County consumes considerable quantities of natural gas.
Knowledge of the damages to environment and health caused by fracking
is an essential part of any continued consumption.

“Without any public discussion of fracking science it is easy for the
oil and gas companies to just keep on fracking.  Bringing out the
Truth about fracking pollution will bring an end to this harmful
practice.  Under the bright light of public scrutiny, EPA and the
fracking corporations will be found to have no defense against the
charge that fracking is bad for America.  Too much pollution added on
top of too much pollution already is simply far too much pollution.
Fracking means more poison, more cancer.  It must be stopped.”-Donald
L. Hassig

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9/6/13 Media Advisory: Hassig Announces 2014 Green Party Run in NY-21

Hassig Announces 2014 Green Party Run in NY-21

Friday, September 6, 2013, 1:00 PM

Clock Tower Plaza, Jefferson Community College

Watertown, New York USA

During my 2012 NY-21 campaign, I repeatedly promised to run until I
won.  Perseverance is a key element of success.  It is with great
excitement and joy that I enter the 2014 race.  This will be a
campaign highlighted by love, creativity and beauty.  I will be a
member of the US House of Representatives someday soon.

Our Earth Mother is ever so much in need of relief from the human
onslaughts of careless chemical use, over population, habitat
destruction and fossil fuel combustion.  I will campaign so as to show
good leadership in loving the Earth and protecting the Earth.  My
campaign will emphasize how we must change everything to live in
harmony with fellow humans and the other living beings.

I have chosen Jefferson Community College (JCC) for the kick-off of my
campaign because of the large amount of positive energy that I
received from students in 2012.  It is my greatest hope that the
grassroots, good, solid people of America will take control of our
destiny by regaining control of federal government.  The students of
JCC, Canton College, Potsdam College and Plattsburgh College can make
great strides in establishing the control of the people over our
national government.  They can start by speaking freely about what
they want their government to be.  I want Congress to be free from
corporate control.  I will endeavor mightily to accomplish this.  I
can do a good job of freeing Congress if I am elected.  As the
students proceed with speaking freely about changing government, they
will sense the time is right for civil disobedience to pressure
government to break away from corporate control.  This is my dream for
a new America.  We will change everything as soon as we have taken
back our government.  A government that is acting for the betterment
of the lives of the vast majority of Americans will protect public
health and the Earth by ushering in the days of safe chemical use,
sustainable human reproduction, habitat protection and transition to
non-combustion energy sources, including solar and wind.  This is good
for the Earth and it is good for the people.  My campaign is all about
great change coming.  Viva the Revolution!

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