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4/17/14 Media Advisory: Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 3:30 PM

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas, Stearns Street, Massena, NY USA

Enbridge Corporation is a major seller of natural gas. It is
expanding its capacity to sell gas by constructing numerous pipelines.
Selling natural gas provides funds for fracking gas wells. Enbridge
is part of fracking.

I have examined information on the subject of the environmental
impacts of hydro fracking. I have concluded that hydro fracking is a
heavily polluting activity that should not be allowed to continue. I
will be at the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas office in Massena to make my
opposition to hydro fracking know. I am hopeful that my good example
will inspire others to speak out against fracking.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625


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4/10/14 News Release: “On to the Primary. Green Party Focus is on Environmental Protection Action.”

“On to the Primary. Green Party Focus is on Environmental Protection Action.”

Earlier today, I mailed my Designating Petition off to the NYS Board of Elections in Albany.  Now I can turn all of my attention to the June 24th primary election, which means taking action to protect the environment.

The Green Party voters that I have spoken with during the course of the past two months want action on environmental protection.  I have a long and strong history on environmental protection.  Environmental protection is my whole life.  It is my intention to proceed with environmental protection actions that will inspire fellow Americans to join together in a mass movement in opposition to hydro fracking and tar sands extraction.

I always told myself that if I had been alive when the buffalo were being slaughtered in the late 1800s, I would have done what I could to stop it.  The hydro fracking is an atrocity of similar proportions.  Tar sands exploitation is an atrocity of this scale.  “We will show the oil and gas corporations what it means to love the Earth and remember the buffalo.”-Donald L. Hassig

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