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4/30/14 News Release: Green Party Hassig Promises Much Environmental Protection Activism in Response to Rejection of Petition

Green Party Hassig Promises Much Environmental Protection Activism in
Response to Rejection of Petition

Running for Congress is important to me because it serves as a way to
raise very important issues that are not being raised by the other
candidates.  These issues include:  stopping hydro fracking; banning
factory farming; banning genetic engineering; free education; free
health care; expanding organic farming; creating an all defensive
purposes military; warning the public of chemical exposure health
hazards, including arsenic in rice and persistent organic pollutants
(POPs) in all animal fats; ending participation in the World Trade
Organization; taxing sales of financial products; and establishing a
50K income tax standard deduction.  I believe that doing the good work
of raising these issues in a series of congressional campaigns will go
far to making these things happen.  Additionally, I believe that
running for Congress repeatedly can lead to eventually winning the

Earlier today, the New York State Board of Elections (BOE) decided to
reject my designating petition.  My petition was filed exactly as the
BOE website instructed that it be filed.  It is unfair for the BOE to
deprive me of the benefit of having obtained sufficient signatures to
have a ballot line in a Green Party primary.  The BOE should have
accepted my petition since it was only due to the negligence of the
BOE that my petition was not filed in accordance with all state and
federal requirements.  If the BOE had revised its instructions for
filing the petition so as to make known the new requirement for
arrival on the next business day after mailing on the last day of the
filing period, I would have used overnight mail and my petition would
have arrived on time.  Since the instructions were not updated in this
way, I used Priority Mail and the petition arrived late.  This was not
my fault and I should not suffer because of the BOE negligence.

I am thinking about suing the BOE for negligence.  What I am thinking
is that pursuing legal action costs time and money that is probably
better spent raising the issues that I raise.

My decision is to now shift all efforts to environmental protection
activism and not spend another minute or another penny on political
activism in 2014.  Truth is 2016 will be here in a flash and I will be
back in the running again.  I am going to really go wild on protecting
the Earth Mother from hydro fracking and protecting the cows, chickens
and pigs from factory farming.  Viva the Environmental Protection
Revolution!  Viva the Farm Animal Protection Revolution!  Viva all the
good revolutions that we Americans can start and persevere in!!

I am hopeful that Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello will be open
to dialogue on the issues that I have promoted, especially stopping
hydro fracking, banning factory farming and warning the public of
avoidable chemical exposure health hazards of the food supply.  I
certainly am very glad that a fellow Green Party member succeeded in
obtaining a ballot line in 2014.  Go Matt.


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11/29/12 News Release: Factory Dairy Farms Have Excessive Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carcinogen Emissions Due to Long Trucking Distances for Forage Crop and Waste Transport

Factory Dairy Farms Have Excessive Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carcinogen Emissions Due to Long Trucking Distances for Forage Crop and Waste Transport

Factory dairy farms have extremely high greenhouse gas emissions and carcinogen emissions due to several energy use factors.  The magnitude of these emissions are such that any greenhouse gas emissions reductions that might be associated with use of rBGH fall far short of making factory dairy farming a healthy and sustainable form of food production.  The greenhouse gas emissions and carcinogen emissions per unit of milk produced are higher for factory dairy farms than for small, traditional dairy farms.

Confining large numbers of diary cows in one location requires transportation of very large quantities of forage crops.  On small, traditional dairy farms, cattle graze on pasture during the growing season..  The feed that is consumed via pasturing of dairy cattle does not require a diesel fuel input to transport the feed to the cattle.  Forage crop transportation fuel input for factory dairy farms is especially large due to the distances that must be driven to truck forage crops from many miles away to the factory dairy farm location.  The transportation distances are longer for factory dairy farms because larger acreages are required to produce the quantities of forage crops required to feed the larger number of cattle on the factory farm. These distances are much longer than the distances that forage crops were transported on small, traditional dairy farms.  When relatively small numbers of cattle are being fed at a particular location, the smaller quantity of forage crop that is required to feed these cattle can be produced in an area that has a shorter radius than is the case for the larger scale factory dairy farms.  Long distance trucking of forage crops to factory dairy farms results in the combustion of vast quantities of diesel fuel.  The emissions from combustion of this fuel include very large quantities of greenhouse gases as well as carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene and formaldehyde.

Factory dairy farming involves the transportation of vast quantities of animal wastes mixed with water from the factory dairy farm to fields where the wastes are applied to the soil.  The small, traditional dairy farms did not mix water with the cow wastes and thus less waste per cow was transported.  Additionally, much of the waste was distributed by the animals themselves on the pasture lands with no combustion of diesel fuel required.  Any waste transportation that was conducted on small, traditional dairy farms involved relatively short hauling distances.  It is the large number of cattle kept in a particular location that makes necessary the long hauling distances for waste disposal.  Large quantities of waste must be disposed of on larger acreages than small quantities of waste.  This means that waste from large factory dairy farms is transported farther than waste from small, traditional dairy farms.  Moving waste further increases diesel fuel combustion, which results in larger greenhouse gas emissions and larger carcinogen emissions.

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11/27/12 News Release: Cornell University and Monsanto Corporation Promote Use of rBGH Claiming Reduction in Carbon Footprint of Dairy Farming. Cornell University and Monsanto Corporation Abuse Cattle and Humans.

Cornell University and Monsanto Corporation Promote Use of rBGH Claiming Reduction in Carbon Footprint of Dairy Farming.  Cornell University and Monsanto Corporation Abuse Cattle and Humans.

In a research article titled, “The Environmental Impact of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rbST) use in Dairy Production”, authored by Dale Bauman, Cornell University and Roger Cady, Monsanto Corporation, the claim is made that use of rBGH reduces the carbon footprint of dairy farming.  This assertion is based in the increased quantity of milk that is produced per cow.  Increased milk production per cow can conceivably reduce the energy input per unit of milk production.  However, the reduction in quality of life for the cows and the reduction in quality of the milk produced via use of rBGH can not be surmounted by carbon footprint reduction.  Use of rBGH is animal abuse.  The dairy cattle, which are exploited using rBGH injections live short, painful lives that demand protestation from anyone who cares about the quality of life of farm animals.  Additionally, consumption of the milk produced using rBGH has been shown to impose increased exposure to insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).  Exposure to this growth factor has been associated with increased cancer risk.

Cornell University helped Monsanto Corporation obtain Food and Drug Administration approval of its version of rBGH.  The Monsanto product was tested on cattle in studies conducted at Cornell University.  Cornell University and Monsanto Corporation are responsible for the suffering of cattle that results from use of rBGH.  These two abusive entities are also responsible for the suffering of the human beings who develop cancer as a result of exposure to IGF-1 present in milk produced using rBGH.

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11/7/12 News Release: NY-21 Green Hassig, “I am So Happy with the Election Results! I am So Excited About Great Change Coming!!”

NY-21 Green Hassig, “I am So Happy with the Election Results!  I am So
Excited About Great Change Coming!!”

Thank you for voting your hearts in 2012.  Honor to the voters of the
Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence River Valley.  I have
enjoyed becoming more closely connected to all of you ever so much.

More than 3000 people listened to what I had to say about saving
America from ruin by taking back control of our country, liked what
they heard and voted for me.  This is awesome.  I would have received
many more votes if I had not taken action to insure Congressman Owen’s
reelection.  The votes tell me that the Revolution I am advocating for
is catching fire with the American people here in the Adirondack
Mountains and St. Lawrence River Valley.  These are days of great
excitement.  We are living in the most amazing of times.  We are the
heroes of the New American Revolution.

I am pleased to know that Congressman William Owens will continue to
represent me in Congress.  I am happy to have been able to provide him
assistance in winning reelection.  The good relationship that I have
built with Congressman Owen’s office over the course of the past
several years is valuable to me.  The assistance that this office has
provided in motivating governmental public health entities to discuss
warning the public of the avoidable persistent organic pollutants
(POPs) exposure health hazard has been of critical importance.  I look
forward to moving ahead with creating a collaborative effort to
provide this warning.  Cancer Action NY and the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention National Center for Environmental Health and
the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry have come far
upon this path.

In the upcoming year, I plan to conduct a series of voter registration
events at high schools and colleges in the 21st Congressional
District.  Registering new voters and finding voters who want to
switch party affiliation to the Green Party is a very important part
of bringing good change.  Voter registration can be integrated with
awareness raising outreach on my ideas for creating jobs, protecting
the environment, bringing an end to all wars of aggression, minimizing
exposure to toxic chemicals, protecting farm animals, creating fair
taxes, and providing free education and health care for every American
citizen.  2014 is not far off.  I am looking forward to running for
Congress again.  It was a great experience and everything I learned
will be of much usefulness in the next race.

The Truth is coming out.  The rock solid, basic American people are
getting excited about taking back control of America from the greedy,
wealthy, corporate people.  The end of the World as we know it is
here.  There is good reason to be filled with joy in these days of
great, good change coming.  Viva the Truth Coming Out Revolution!
Viva the Good American People Standing Up to the Bad Corporate and Bad
Government People Revolution!!  This is it.  The Good are on the move
now.  Yes!!!

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11/5/12 News Release: SUNY Plattsburgh Students Show Much Positivity To Green Party Hassig’s “Revolt Now” Message

I danced in the good vibe of Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”, Usher, “More” and Tragically Hip, “New Orleans is Sinking”.  I spoke freely from my heart in the Amite Plaza calling for the good people of America to stand up to the  bad people who use corporations and government to abuse the Earth and cheat their fellow Americans.  I called for the good people to stand up and tell the bad corporate and bad government people to stop abusing the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth with their greed driven business activity.   SUNY Plattsburgh students responded with smiles of appreciation, agreement and encouragement.  This was one more small, strong step along the path of creating a non-violent revolution in the United States of America.  I am the Revolution.  I believe that someday soon, there will be SUNY Plattsburgh students who say this also.  I saw the look in their eyes of wanting to be new American revolutionaries.  We will soon be the vast, outpouring of human energy that brings great change.  We will intermingle our beliefs and desires in one powerful human movement.  We will revolt against the bad corporate and bad government people and we will succeed in taking back our government.  We will do this because it must be done.  We will do this for the future of life on Earth.  I can feel the revolution coming.  It is very close to bursting into full bloom now.

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11/5/12 Media Advisory: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits Plattsburgh to Bring Out Truth on Military Abuses of Environment, Factory Dairy Farming, Cancer Epidemic Caused by Corporate Chemical Use…

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits SUNY Plattsburgh Campus to
Bring Out Truth on Military Abuses of Environment, Factory Dairy
Farming, Cancer Epidemic Caused by Corporate Chemical Use…

Monday, November 5, 2012, 1:00 PM

Amite Plaza,  SUNY Plattsburgh Campus, Plattsburgh, NY USA

I will speak the Truth and speak it loudly in Plattsburgh because I
love being part of bringing out the Truth.  It is the responsibility
of good, strong people to make every effort to make the Truth more
widely known.  It is the responsibility of the good, strong people to
confront the bad people who are ruining the healthfulness of planet
Earth.  Confrontation on the Truth of what the bad people are doing is
the first step toward bringing an end to the bad behaviors.  The bad
behaviors of the bad people must be brought to an end because the
total harm that has been caused by the bad people has
reached such a large quantity that more harm is absolutely
unacceptable.  Human beings can not risk any further harm occurring to
the Earth.  We must stop the bad people from inflicting any further
significant harm upon the Earth Mother.  We must stop them now.

The US military has a long history of polluting activities:  burning
supply depots rather than transporting the supplies outside of areas
that may fall into enemy hands; using depleted uranium munitions;
bombing modern cities; aerial spraying of defoliants in the Vietnam
War; and dropping nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II.  When I
elected to Congress I will take action to bring an end to the
polluting activities of the military.

The US Army at Fort Drum appears to be acting in violation of the
Clean Air Act by allowing uncontrolled releases of
hydrochlorofluorocarbon-22 (HCFC-22) also known as R-22 an ozone
depleting chemical (ODC).  R-22 destroys upper atmosphere ozone and is
also a greenhouse gas.  According to information that I have received,
R-22 refrigerant is leaking from a large refrigeration unit on the
base and the Army has made no significant effort to repair the leaks.
Military personnel are directly involved in an effort to hide this
violation of the Clean Air Act (CAA) from the US Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), which is responsible for enforcement of the
portion of the CAA that addressed ODCs.  I have written to the EPA’s
Office of Air and Radiation requesting an investigation of the alleged

There are factory dairy farms in Clinton County and the rest of the
21st Congressional District where dairy cattle are being abused.
Genetically engineered crops are being fed to the cattle, despite the
existence of scientific research demonstrating harm to livestock
caused by consumption of these crops.  Factory dairy farmers are
injecting the cows with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.
This practice causes much suffering of the cows due to the excessively
large quantity of milk that the cow is forced to produce.  Factory
dairy farmers are keeping their cattle confined on concrete in the
stench of cow wastes.  This is all the bad behaviors of bad people.
These abuses of cattle must be brought to an end.  When I am elected
to Congress, I will work to establish a ban on factory farming.

Corporations have used chemicals carelessly and heavily for over one
hundred years in America.   Many of the chemicals that corporations
released or caused to be released into the environment have now been
found to cause cancer.  It is the consensus of the scientific research
community that exposure to chemicals and agents that cause cancer is
far and away the major cause of cancer.  Government is not providing
the public with warnings on the subjects of avoidable carcinogen
exposure cancer hazards.  This is because the corporations that
poisoned the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth control
government.  These bad corporations use their control of government to
create confusion about what causes cancer.  These bad corporations
force government to maintain silence on the subject of carcinogen
exposure cancer risk.

When I am elected to Congress, I will plow into the great work of
bringing about the enactment of the Cancer Elimination Act.  My
political colleague, William C. Edstrom, who is the Green Party
candidate in the 80th Assembly District race, has written a
considerable portion of this critical legislation and has placed this
work in progress on the internet.  We will be elected to positions of
governmental power.  We will take the actions necessary to save the
world from the apocalypse that the bad corporations and bad government
are recklessly racing toward.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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11/3/12 News Release: Green Candidate Hassig Will Vote for Congressman William Owens and Requests Supporters Do Likewise

Green Candidate Hassig Will Vote for Congressman William Owens and
Requests Supporters Do Likewise

I have given much thought to what is best for the 21st Congressional
District with regards to who is representing the people of this area.
There must be a transition from the representative being a person who
favors the wealthy, corporate people to the representative being a
person who favors the common people.  If Matt Doheny were to be
elected to Congress, the district would have a representative who
favors the wealthy, corporate people even more than Congressman Owens
does.  Thus, I believe that it is best for William Owens to continue
as the member of Congress for this area until I am able to succeed in
obtaining that office.

A recent independent poll shows a very close contest between
Congressman Owens and candidate Doheny.  This is the last window that
we will have on the outcome of the election until after the close of
the polling places on November 6th.  There will be no exit polls to
gauge running vote counts on Election Day.  I want Congressman Owens
to win.  Thus, I am setting in motion a strategy that is likely to
insure his victory on Election Day.  I will vote for Congressman
Owens.  I am asking my supporters to vote for Congressman Owens.  I
have called key supporters and requested their assistance in spreading
the word on this strategy.  I have stated my strategy to insure
victory for Congressman Owens to the news media of the 21st
Congressional District.

With such a strategy in operation I am confident that Congressman
Owens will win.  This will insure that the representative does not
become one who favors the wealthy, corporate people more than is the
current situation.  I want the change in representation to be
continuously in the direction of more favoring of the common people.
I believe that my influence upon the politics of the 21st
Congressional District is causing Congressman Owens himself to move in
this direction.  When I take over from him in 2020, the transition
will be complete.  At that time the people will have a representative
who is truly representative of them.

On November 7th, I want all of my supporters who voted for Congressman
Owens to call his district offices and share the fact that they
switched their vote to assist with his reelection.  I want my
supporters who helped reelect Congressman Owens to tell him that they
want him to change his mind about fracking and become a strong
opponent of shale gas and shale oil extraction by fracking or by any
other technology.  I want these voters to thank Congressman Owens for
the good work that he has done to assist Cancer Action NY in the work
of using scientific knowledge to prevent cancer in America.  I want
them to express their support for his office taking further actions to
establish cancer prevention based in government provided warnings of
avoidable cancer hazards as the central strategy in the war against
cancer.  I want my voters who voted for Owens to tell him that he must
become a strong opponent of the wars of aggression that our country is
waging in the Middle East.  I want my voters who voted for Owens to
tell him that he must become an advocate for a ban on factory farming.
With all of this good guidance Congressman Owens will become ever
more a representative of the common people.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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