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Changing into a Dancer and Speaker of Love of the Earth Mother

This morning I began the day with my usual walking through the Colton hills and dancing above Good Medicine Pond.  While dancing I began to have a sense of being able to change.  I  danced radiance of the blue light of the sunshine filled sky.  I felt good energy for becoming a new being filled with love and light.

I had a free speech event on the State University of New York Potsdam College campus scheduled for early afternoon.  As I drove to Potsdam College I thought about what I would say.  I decided to start where my dancing had ended.

There was a young man skateboarding near my free speech area and he had music playing.  I sensed the good vibe of people coming together in music.  I decided to dance without speaking.  I kept thinking about the blue light of the sky and my love of the Earth Mother.  It felt right to dance radiance and love of Earth Mother.

After quite some time of dancing in silence, I observed a large group of students coming across the college grounds.  As they came close and began to pass by I felt the strong desire to communicate in words so that they would know my purpose in dancing on campus.  I began speaking words of loving the Earth Mother.  I repeated, “I love you Earth Mother.”  I spoke of protecting Earth Mother with the growing love of all people.  From this point onward, I spoke in a freely flowing manner of loving and protecting the beloved Earth Mother and bringing an end to fracking for gas and oil in America.

Several times during my performance, I had a clear sense of being love.  I could feel a good energy of attraction between myself and students passing by when I felt full of love.  This was a very strong experience of what kind of dancer and speaker I want to become and am truly becoming.  I am intent upon dancing Love of the Earth Mother so as to encourage everyone to feel this love in their heart.  I am determined to change into a dancer and speaker of Love of the Earth Mother.  This is what I want to be.  I can feel myself rising.




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4/30/14 News Release: Green Party Hassig Promises Much Environmental Protection Activism in Response to Rejection of Petition

Green Party Hassig Promises Much Environmental Protection Activism in
Response to Rejection of Petition

Running for Congress is important to me because it serves as a way to
raise very important issues that are not being raised by the other
candidates.  These issues include:  stopping hydro fracking; banning
factory farming; banning genetic engineering; free education; free
health care; expanding organic farming; creating an all defensive
purposes military; warning the public of chemical exposure health
hazards, including arsenic in rice and persistent organic pollutants
(POPs) in all animal fats; ending participation in the World Trade
Organization; taxing sales of financial products; and establishing a
50K income tax standard deduction.  I believe that doing the good work
of raising these issues in a series of congressional campaigns will go
far to making these things happen.  Additionally, I believe that
running for Congress repeatedly can lead to eventually winning the

Earlier today, the New York State Board of Elections (BOE) decided to
reject my designating petition.  My petition was filed exactly as the
BOE website instructed that it be filed.  It is unfair for the BOE to
deprive me of the benefit of having obtained sufficient signatures to
have a ballot line in a Green Party primary.  The BOE should have
accepted my petition since it was only due to the negligence of the
BOE that my petition was not filed in accordance with all state and
federal requirements.  If the BOE had revised its instructions for
filing the petition so as to make known the new requirement for
arrival on the next business day after mailing on the last day of the
filing period, I would have used overnight mail and my petition would
have arrived on time.  Since the instructions were not updated in this
way, I used Priority Mail and the petition arrived late.  This was not
my fault and I should not suffer because of the BOE negligence.

I am thinking about suing the BOE for negligence.  What I am thinking
is that pursuing legal action costs time and money that is probably
better spent raising the issues that I raise.

My decision is to now shift all efforts to environmental protection
activism and not spend another minute or another penny on political
activism in 2014.  Truth is 2016 will be here in a flash and I will be
back in the running again.  I am going to really go wild on protecting
the Earth Mother from hydro fracking and protecting the cows, chickens
and pigs from factory farming.  Viva the Environmental Protection
Revolution!  Viva the Farm Animal Protection Revolution!  Viva all the
good revolutions that we Americans can start and persevere in!!

I am hopeful that Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello will be open
to dialogue on the issues that I have promoted, especially stopping
hydro fracking, banning factory farming and warning the public of
avoidable chemical exposure health hazards of the food supply.  I
certainly am very glad that a fellow Green Party member succeeded in
obtaining a ballot line in 2014.  Go Matt.

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4/18/14 Letter to Congressman William Owens Concerning Assistance with Obtaining Interview with EPA Scientist Responsible for Decision to Leave “Toxic Mound” on GM Superfund Site


Hon. William Owens
House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA

Dear Congressman Owens,

I have contacted Dr. Marian Olsen and Dale Kemery employees of the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning obtaining an
interview with Dr. Olsen.  Dr. Olsen was a major author of the Record
of Decision which is used to justify the decision to leave the “Toxic
Mound” in place on the GM Powertrain Superfund site in the Town of

Please write to the EPA and request that Dr. Olsen participate in this
interview.  I want to conduct an on the record interview by way of
recorded conference call.  I will make all technical arrangements for
this call.

Thank you for your assistance with this public education project.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

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4/23/14 Media Advisory: Call for Government Accountability Heard Around Saranac Lake

Call for Government Accountability Heard Around Saranac Lake

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 3:00-4:30 PM

Harrietstown Town Hall, Saranac Lake, NY USA

I will start my visit to Saranac Lake at the Harrietstown Town Hall.
From there I will go to the Mc Donald’s Restaurant and the Grand Union

At each venue I will distribute a pamphlet which explains how careless
chemical use and government deceptions concerning the presence of
industrial chemicals in animal fat foods have led to ever rising rates
of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autism, ADHD,
obesity and autoimmune disease.  I share my understanding of how
exposure to industrial chemicals:  PCBs, flame retardants and the
other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is causing much harm to
public health in America and throughout the industrialized world.

My message warns that careless chemical use continues to this day.
Hydro fracking for gas and oil is too much careless chemical use after
too much careless chemical use already.  I call for government
accountability on careless chemical use and deceptions concerning the
health damaging effects of industrial pollutants.  I believe that in
holding government accountable for these bad actions we can move
forward to new days of careful chemical use and much improved public
health.  Bringing out the Truth about careless chemical use and
government deceptions regarding the harm caused by industrial
pollutants will empower the grassroots effort to stop all hydro

I will speak freely in the Harrietstown Town Hall to initiate contact
with this local government in hopes of obtaining its assistance with
moving the federal government to take action on POPs exposure
minimization.  Free speech is one of the most powerful tools we have
available for bringing change.  When the masses find their voices and
begin to speak freely about government accountability we will be close
to regaining control of the federal government.  I speak freely to
inspire others to speak freely.  I think of myself as a spark of
creating great change.

I choose to distribute information about industrial chemical
contaminants of food in the Mc Donald’s Restaurant and in the Grand
Union Supermarket because these places are where the animal fat
containing foods:  meats, fish, dairy products and eggs are sold.  I
know in my heart a strong desire to warn the public about the harm
being caused by POPs exposure.  Restaurants and supermarkets are the
perfect place to give this warning.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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4/26/14 Calendar Notice: Green Party and Other Earth Lovers Open Mic

Green Party and Other Earth Lovers Open Mic

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Ives Park, along riverside near Gazebo, Potsdam, NY USA

Come say what you want about changing our government into a good
government that protects the Earth and the health of Earth’s
inhabitants.  This is a great time to share good vibe for stopping
fracking, Keystone XL pipeline, tar sands, genetic engineering, wars
of aggression, and pesticide use.  It is a great time for promoting
organic farming, alternative energy production, cancer elimination,
and an all defense military.

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4/21/14 News Release: Creating Government Accountability–A Grassroots Discussion on Bringing Change

On April 16th, 2014, I hosted a conference call on creating government
accountability.  There were three other people on the call:  Lewis M.
Shepard, a fellow Green Party member and cofounder of Cancer Action
NY; Dale Pondysh, a North Country environmental activist and Daniel
Flatley, a reporter for the Watertown Daily Times.  There was a great
feeling of people rising free of bad government and making progress
toward replacing the bad government with good government on this call.

Lewis M. Shepard spoke about the failure of the United States
government to protect Americans against asbestos exposure during a
long period of time after it was known that asbestos exposure was
causing serious harm to health.  He compared government’s downfall on
asbestos with what is currently happening with mercury dental
amalgams.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the use of
mercury amalgams when this practice has been banned elsewhere.  The
placement of a highly toxic neurotoxin in people’s mouths goes against
all common sense.  Nevertheless, this practice continues because the
use of mercury amalgams is a moneymaker for dentists.

Dale Pondysh shared a list of actions for which he would like to see
government held accountable:  wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; promoting
unrest in the Ukraine; allowance of GMO products to be sold without
labeling and failure to tax the most wealthy of Americans.  He voiced
the sentiment that this was far from what he wanted government to be

I described my work of attempting to hold governmental public health
entities including:  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
the National Cancer Institute and the New York State Department of
Health accountable for their failure to warn Americans of avoidable
chemical exposure cancer hazards.  This work involved the publication
of the Cancer Action NY report, “Disinformation Cancer Epidemic”,
which focused upon deceptive and incomplete public health messaging
regarding dioxin exposure.

I stated my belief that legislation could serve to create government
accountability.  I provided details of three laws serving such a
purpose.  The first law would require that government employees and
officials participate in on the record discussion of citizen
complaints of failure to properly conduct government work.  These
recorded discussions would be the property of the citizen making the
complaint.  The recordings could be placed on the internet to raise
public awareness of the work failure.  The second law would establish
a government office charged with investigating citizen complaints of
failure to do work properly.  The third law would give legal standing
to any citizen wishing to file suit alleging failure of a government
employee or official to properly do the work required in that
position.  This law would make government employees and officials
personally liable for paying any penalties imposed by the court.

Daniel Flatley asked a most highly important question, why were
Americans not taking action on the many problems of failed government?
I answered that the people were struggling to deal with the immensity
of the government failures.  I stated that it was my belief that a
strong social movement was growing in opposition to hydro fracking and
that this movement might inspire citizen efforts to address other
government failures.

The recording of this conference can be accessed at the URL named below.

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4/17/14 Media Advisory: Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 3:30 PM

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas, Stearns Street, Massena, NY USA

Enbridge Corporation is a major seller of natural gas. It is
expanding its capacity to sell gas by constructing numerous pipelines.
Selling natural gas provides funds for fracking gas wells. Enbridge
is part of fracking.

I have examined information on the subject of the environmental
impacts of hydro fracking. I have concluded that hydro fracking is a
heavily polluting activity that should not be allowed to continue. I
will be at the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas office in Massena to make my
opposition to hydro fracking know. I am hopeful that my good example
will inspire others to speak out against fracking.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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