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Changing into a Dancer and Speaker of Love of the Earth Mother

This morning I began the day with my usual walking through the Colton hills and dancing above Good Medicine Pond.  While dancing I began to have a sense of being able to change.  I  danced radiance of the blue light of the sunshine filled sky.  I felt good energy for becoming a new being filled with love and light.

I had a free speech event on the State University of New York Potsdam College campus scheduled for early afternoon.  As I drove to Potsdam College I thought about what I would say.  I decided to start where my dancing had ended.

There was a young man skateboarding near my free speech area and he had music playing.  I sensed the good vibe of people coming together in music.  I decided to dance without speaking.  I kept thinking about the blue light of the sky and my love of the Earth Mother.  It felt right to dance radiance and love of Earth Mother.

After quite some time of dancing in silence, I observed a large group of students coming across the college grounds.  As they came close and began to pass by I felt the strong desire to communicate in words so that they would know my purpose in dancing on campus.  I began speaking words of loving the Earth Mother.  I repeated, “I love you Earth Mother.”  I spoke of protecting Earth Mother with the growing love of all people.  From this point onward, I spoke in a freely flowing manner of loving and protecting the beloved Earth Mother and bringing an end to fracking for gas and oil in America.

Several times during my performance, I had a clear sense of being love.  I could feel a good energy of attraction between myself and students passing by when I felt full of love.  This was a very strong experience of what kind of dancer and speaker I want to become and am truly becoming.  I am intent upon dancing Love of the Earth Mother so as to encourage everyone to feel this love in their heart.  I am determined to change into a dancer and speaker of Love of the Earth Mother.  This is what I want to be.  I can feel myself rising.




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4/17/14 Media Advisory: Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Hassig Visits Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas in Massena to Speak Out Against Fracking

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 3:30 PM

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas, Stearns Street, Massena, NY USA

Enbridge Corporation is a major seller of natural gas. It is
expanding its capacity to sell gas by constructing numerous pipelines.
Selling natural gas provides funds for fracking gas wells. Enbridge
is part of fracking.

I have examined information on the subject of the environmental
impacts of hydro fracking. I have concluded that hydro fracking is a
heavily polluting activity that should not be allowed to continue. I
will be at the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas office in Massena to make my
opposition to hydro fracking know. I am hopeful that my good example
will inspire others to speak out against fracking.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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4/17/14 Media Advisory: Free Speech for Earth

Free Speech for Earth

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Outdoor Plaza South of Barrington Student Union, Potsdam College,
Potsdam, NY USA

“April is Earth Month. This is a most wonderful time for speaking and
dancing freely to bring environmental revolution. I believe that
Americans are beginning to awaken to the need to protect our Earth
Mother. Climate change, fracking, tar sands, the Keystone XL
pipeline, all of these assaults upon Earth are sparking little fires
of concern for the survival of the inhabitants of this planet. I am
for making all of our little fires into one very large fire of human
desire to protect our Mother. I am an environmental
revolutionary.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
42 Green Pond Lane
Colton, NY USA 13625

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9/5/13 News Release: Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Freedom of speech is wonderful.  The more freedom of speech Americans have the freer our country will be.  Viva free speech in America!

I went to trial on a trespass charge in Canton Town Court today.  The charge resulted from an October 30, 2012 incident at the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building.  I was at the Human Services Building giving a free speech performance titled, “Kicking Ass on Breast Cancer”.  The purpose of my free speech, free singing and free dancing that day was to apply pressure upon government.  I used my beloved freedoms to speak out against the failure of the national, state and county public health entities to provide the public with a warning of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard constituted by the presence of POPs in the animal fat containing foods of the mainstream food supply.  I believe that speaking loudly and freely in public places about the decision of the governmental public health entities to remain silent about POPs contamination of the food supply is the best way to force government to tell the Truth about the chronic disease epidemic that has been caused by background exposures to POPs.  Since 2010, the World Health Organization has recommended action to minimize the exposures that children receive to POPs.  No governmental public health entity in the United States has yet published and disseminated a health hazard advisory for POPs.

My free speech Trespass trial was very brief.  The New York State Trooper and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who had been subpoenaed as witnesses for the Prosecution were not present in the courtroom after a considerable period of time had elapsed after the start time of the trial.  I made a motion for dismissal stating in short that I was not guilty of Trespass due to these facts: (1) the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building where the incident in question took place is a public venue where free speech is protected by the US Constitution, and (2) at the time of the arrest I was in possession of a letter signed by St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire giving me permission to engage in free speech on the subject of chemical exposure and damages to health in that particular venue.  Judge O’Horo dismissed the charge.  I have found Judge O’Horo to be a most fair and reasonable arbiter of justice.  Thank you Good Spirits of Nature for Good American Judges.

Building a New Age/New American Revolution is not easy.  However, the prize of wresting control of government from corporations, preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other damages to health caused by POPs and ushering in a new era of safe chemical use is well worth the fight.  I am a New Age/New American revolutionary and this is a New Age/New American Revolution. Amen!

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1/17/13 News Release: Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

On January 16, 2013, I defended myself against a charge of Disorderly
Conduct before Hon. Judge Eugene Renzi in the Watertown City Court.
The trial hinged upon whether my dance/spoken word performance of
August 28, 2012 was free speech or Disorderly Conduct.  The arresting
officer of the Watertown City Police provided testimony for the
District Attorney’s Office.  He described my actions as “screaming”
and “waving my arms”.    His own words make very clear the fact that
the officer had a negative attitude toward my demonstration.  Speaking
loudly to be heard above the sounds of traffic on a busy city street
is only “screaming” to the person who does not like people who choose
to demonstrate against the corrupt government.  Dancing is only
“waving arms” in the mind of the person who sees all protest in a
negative light.

I took the witness stand and explained that freedom of speech was my
only option for educating voters about the bad government that has
come to exist in Washington.  I stated that the Watertown news media
had given me no positive coverage prior to the dance/spoken word
protest.  I stated that my strategy was to speak loudly and freely on
Washington Street in Watertown on August 28th so as to attract the
attention of voters.  I described the success of my endeavor, three
young men stopping to speak with me about the issues of my Green Party

In addition to relating the events of August 28th, I gave Judge Renzi
a brief history of my environmental activism.  I pointed out that my
message linking industrial chemical exposure with cancer causation was
displeasing to the powerful people of the North Country.  The key
Truth for the matter before the City Court and my activism as a whole
is that these powerful people had repeatedly tried to damage my
efforts to educate the public on the connection between industrial
chemical exposure and cancer.  I stated emphatically that I would
continue to use my freedom of speech to bring out the Truth about
chemical exposure and cancer in America.

Judge Renzi rendered his decision immediately following my closing
statement.  He obviously had his mind made up before the trial.  He
found me guilty of Disorderly Conduct and fined me 100.00 dollars.

I will appeal this bad decision.  Viva Freedom of Speech!  Viva the
Truth!  Viva the Revolution!

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My Brother Dave Hassig’s Letter to Editor Honoring My Activism and Confronting False Stalking Charge

Honor to My Brother Donald Hassig

Having been off in the Remote Wilds of the Alaskan Interior since
early June, it came as a real shock to learn from my Brother, Don
Hassig of the terrible negativity, which certain newspapers and local
government officials had interjected into Don’s Green Party run for
Congress in the new 21st CD.  With 1000s of miles separating me from
the family in northern New York, one likes to think of family members
being safe and out of harm’s way back home.

Amidst all the anger and frustration, I keep asking myself–What can I
do to stand up against these abuses as a caring Brother?  First, I
want to say, “Honor to Donald Hassig”.  My Brother’s record of 20
years of dedicated environmental activism speaks for itself–standing
strong in opposition to a county garbage incinerator; battling against
an ill-conceived Chatham chip-board factory; bringing forth the
science that led the way to a state-wide ban on trash burning;
promoting the clean-up of hazardous waste sites in the Town of Lisbon,
on the Grasse River, ALCOA and GM sites; and cancer prevention via
public education regarding industrial pollutants contaminating
animal-fat foods.

How can it be that in our so-called “free” country an activist is
arrested for Stalking because he sought to persuade the St. Lawrence
County Public Health Director, Dr. Susan Hathaway, to use the power of
her office to inform the public of cancer risk associated with
consuming animal-fat foods?

To any thinking person, Don’s arrest was for one purpose–to stop him
from putting pressure on government to deal with the issue of
industrial pollutants and disease.  It’s an evil day for American
agriculture when the interests of industrial farming run counter to
the Public Health.

I ask myself–What can I do to defend my Brother against this abusive
charge?  How can I defend the Honor of our family name?  It’s clear to
me that County Administrator St. Hilaire, Health Director Hathaway,
and our County Legislature are intent upon keeping the public in the
dark on this whole matter of industrial pollutants in animal-fat
foods.  Can it be that the local power of the dairy industry will
succeed in suppressing strongly research-based scientific information,
which proves the link between industrial pollutants and disease?
There’s also the larger social question here–Have American civil
liberties been eroded away to the point that an activist must face
criminal charges, social disapproval and possible imprisonment in the
course of exercising the right to speak freely on matters of the
Environment and Public Health?  Have American morals decayed to the
point that government officials feel free to lie about Good People
like my Brother?

Let’s hope that Our Country still has enough character to honor civil
liberties and dedicated activism above the dollar interests of any
particular industry.

David W. Hassig                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 General Delivery Lake Minchumina, AK USA

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11/19/12 Media Advisory: Cancer Action NY Hassig Speaks Truth of Government Failure and Deception Loudly at Dulles State Office Building: Focus on Akwesasne, POPs Exposure Health Hazard and Grasse River Superfund Site

Cancer Action NY Hassig Speaks Truth of Government Failure and
Deception Loudly at Dulles State Office Building:  Focus on Akwesasne,
POPs Exposure Health Hazard and Grasse River Superfund Site

Monday, November 19, 2012, 4:30 PM

Dulles State Office Building, Watertown, New York USA

Environmental genocide has been taking place on the Akwesasne Reserve
for many, many years now.  I have heard the accounts of exposure and
terrible disease outcome over and over again.  I have participated in
government meetings on the subject of the presence of industrial
contaminants in the St. Lawrence River Valley, the damages to health
caused by exposure to these contaminants and clean-up of contaminated
sites.  The people of Akwesasne also participate in these meetings.
Government conducts these meetings for the purpose of addressing
public health concerns, but government is under the control of
corporations to the extent that it is not free to provide the best
guidance concerning minimization of exposure to industrial
contaminants.  Not only is government not free to provide the best
public health protection guidance, government is also engaging in
deliberate attempts to deceive the people of Akwesasne and the St.
Lawrence River Valley region on the subject of the persistent organic
pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard as constituted by the
presence of POPs in the mainstream food supply.  As a result of the
failure to provide the best public health protection guidance and the
deliberate attempts to deceive, the people of Akwesasne continue to
receive unnecessary exposures to POPs.  This is an outrage.

I will speak loudly and freely about the environmental genocide at
Akwesasne until the federal and state government environmental
protection and public health protection entities admit to the failure
and deception described above and take actions to correct the harm
that has been caused by the failure and deception.  The US
Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of
Health must immediately warn the residents of Akwesasne of the POPs
exposure health hazard constituted by POPs contamination of the
mainstream food supply.  This is the most important thing that can be
done to minimize the harm that will result from the presence of
industrial contaminants in the St. Lawrence River Valley.

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