4/18/14 Letter to Congressman William Owens Concerning Assistance with Obtaining Interview with EPA Scientist Responsible for Decision to Leave “Toxic Mound” on GM Superfund Site


Hon. William Owens
House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA

Dear Congressman Owens,

I have contacted Dr. Marian Olsen and Dale Kemery employees of the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning obtaining an
interview with Dr. Olsen.  Dr. Olsen was a major author of the Record
of Decision which is used to justify the decision to leave the “Toxic
Mound” in place on the GM Powertrain Superfund site in the Town of

Please write to the EPA and request that Dr. Olsen participate in this
interview.  I want to conduct an on the record interview by way of
recorded conference call.  I will make all technical arrangements for
this call.

Thank you for your assistance with this public education project.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig


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  1. Bill said

    Carcinogens cause cancer. Cancer kills people. Lets free our environment – and our bodies – of these killer chemicals. The Cancer Elimination Act, which Congressional candidate Don Hassig co-authored, is an 80 year plan to do just that: test all 70,000,000 known chemicals, invest in innovation & create jobs to discover safe alternatives to killer chemicals, phase out the killer chemicals and phase in the safe healthy alternatives, create jobs to map mile by mile for carcinogens & their concentrations for the 1st ever map of the environment then create 1,000,000 jobs to do a total 40 year clean up of the air, water & land. We will be healthier & we will live longer.

    Together we can make a clean environment, social justice & a good economy for all happen. Vote for Don Hassig for Congress on Election Day 2014!

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