4/16/14 Calendar Notice: Green Hassig Town Hall Conference Call on Creating Government Accountability

Green Hassig Town Hall Conference Call on Creating Government Accountability

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, from 8:00-9:00 PM

dial-in number:  712 432 0140
participant access code:  141527#

This conference call is for talking about creating government
accountability.  I want to create government accountability in all
matters of governance.  I have a wonderful record on working to create
government accountability.  If voters want government accountability,
I’m their man.

“I have worked for decades to create government accountability in
matters of environmental health protection.  The federal government’s
public health entities:  the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDCP), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
are working hand in hand with corporations to deceive the American
public about the damages to health that are caused by exposure to
pollutants.  I have thought long and hard about how to hold government
accountable for these harmful deceptions.  When I am a member of the
House of Representatives, I will create legislation that establishes
accountability by requiring transparency and responsiveness.  Every
government employee will be bound by law to cooperate with citizens
who are interested in discussing government action.  This means that
when a cancer activist requests an on-the-record discussion with an
EPA scientist who is responsible for PCB clean-up, the discussion
request is automatically granted.  When hundreds of recorded
discussions such as this are amassed on the internet where everyone
can listen and hear for themselves the inability of the government
employees to answer the straightforward questions of cancer activists,
the day of government accountability will have arrived.”-Donald L.

I want to talk with residents of NY-21 to get their ideas on how to
create government accountability.  I am certain that putting all of
our ideas together we can figure this out and then get it done fast.
Government accountability will go a long ways to restoring an
honorable and good America.


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