3/26/14 News Release: Greens Hassig and Funiciello Talk Environmental Protection and Job Creation

Greens Hassig and Funiciello Talk Environmental Protection and Job Creation

I called Matt Funiciello and we spoke substantively on a number of
issues.  I asked him what his position was on hydrofracking.  He
stated that he opposed this energy extraction activity.  I asked what
he considered to be the other environmental issues of importance.  He
stated that he was concerned about the Keystone XL pipeline and the
oil trains that are bringing crude oil to the Port of Albany.

These are environmental issues that we have in common.  The difference
between us on the environment is what he and I have done to oppose
hydrofracking, the Keystone XL pipeline and oil trains coming into
Albany.  I don’t know what he has done on these issues.  Here is what
I have done.  I produce an internet radio show, “Grassroots
Environmental Protection Radio” that has covered hydrofracking and tar
sands exploitation (the source of crude for the Keystone XL pipeline).
You can find my radio show at the URL found below.


Additionally, I have created two websites, “Stop Shale Gas” and “Stop
Tar Sands Now” that serve to build opposition to hydrofrackiing and
tar sands exploitation.  You can access these websites by clicking



Another thing we talked about was creating jobs in NY-21.  Matt is for
a government program that creates jobs by subsidizing alternative
energy including wind and solar.  I am for ending participation in the
World Trade Organization (WTO) and renegotiating the Free Trade
Agreements including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
As these agreements now stand they are not good for the US.  They make
it possible for multinational corporations to avoid environmental
protection laws.  These agreements should be referred to as Dirty
Trade Agreements.  Participation in the WTO and the Free Trade
Agreements has led to the loss of millions of US jobs to foreign
manufacturers.  Loss of manufacturing jobs to China is the most
significant example of this job loss.  By ending participation in the
WTO and renegotiating the Free Trade Agreements we can bring
manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Another strategy for job creation in NY-21 and the rest of the country
centers on government education.  Most government agencies are already
well set up to provide educational outreach.  Government education can
promote changes that will spur growth and thus create jobs.  One
example is organic food production.  I am in favor of tasking the
National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health and the
Environmental Protection Agency with educating Americans on the
subject of the health benefits of eating organic food.  This education
would increase demand for organic food and the increased demand would
support expansion of organic farms, leading to more jobs in organic
farming.  The same thing can be done with alternative energy.

Finally, we discussed how to give Green Party voters the best
information for making their choice of candidates in the June Primary
Election.  We agreed to hold at least one debate/candidate forum style
event.  This would most likely take place in the geographical center
of the congressional district.  Long Lake would be nice.


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