3/16/14 News Release: Green Hassig on Taxes

Green Hassig on Taxes

When I become a member of the House of Representatives I will endeavor to make taxes fair.  Currently, citizens pay sales tax on water, cars, gasoline and most consumer items.  There is no sales tax on the sale of financial products.  I will draft legislation that establishes a sales tax on financial products:  stocks, bonds, mortgages, bundled student loans, bundled mortgages, derivatives, credit default swaps, and all other financial products.  Wall Street and banks will have to pay this tax when these sales occur.  Requiring that Wall Street and banks pay a tax on sales of financial products will generate a very large new revenue stream.

In Washington, I will work to increase the standard deduction on federal income taxes to $50,000.00.  I will rewrite tax laws so as to require that Wall Street and banks pay income taxes and payroll taxes.

The working class and middle class currently pay much more than their fair share of the cost of running federal government.  I will work diligently to shift the burden of taxation so as to fairly tax the wealthiest Americans.


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