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4/8/14 Calendar Notice: Green Hassig Town Hall Conference Call on Creating Government Accountability

Green Hassig Town Hall Conference Call on Creating Government Accountability

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, from 8:00-9:00 PM

RSVP for conference call dial-in information.

This conference call is for talking about creating government
accountability.  I want to create government accountability in all
matters of governance.  I have a wonderful record on working to create
government accountability.  If voters want government accountability,
I’m their man.

“I have worked for decades to create government accountability in
matters of environmental health protection.  The federal government’s
public health entities:  the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDCP), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
are working hand in hand with corporations to deceive the American
public about the damages to health that are caused by exposure to
pollutants.  I have thought long and hard about how to hold government
accountable for these harmful deceptions.  When I am a member of the
House of Representatives, I will create legislation that establishes
accountability by requiring transparency and responsiveness.  Every
government employee will be bound by law to cooperate with citizens
who are interested in discussing government action.  This means that
when a cancer activist requests an on-the-record discussion with an
EPA scientist who is responsible for PCB clean-up, the discussion
request is automatically granted.  When hundreds of recorded
discussions such as this are amassed on the internet where everyone
can listen and hear for themselves the inability of the government
employees to answer the straightforward questions of cancer activists,
the day of government accountability will have arrived.”-Donald L.

I want to talk with residents of NY-21 to get their ideas on how to
create government accountability.  I am certain that putting all of
our ideas together we can figure this out and then get it done fast.
Government accountability will go a long ways to restoring an
honorable and good America.


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4/1/14 Media Advisory: Jefferson County Using Scientific Knowledge to Prevent Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Jefferson County Using Scientific Knowledge to Prevent Cancer,
Diabetes and Heart Disease

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 7:00 PM

Jefferson County Historic Courthouse, Legislative Board Room, Watertown, NY USA

Jefferson County has a Public Health Department.  The Public Health
Department employs a public health educator.  His name is Steve
Jennings.  The Jefferson County Public Health Department is fully
capable of using scientific knowledge to educate Jefferson County
residents about industrial chemicals in food that are causing cancer,
diabetes and heart disease.  There are three simple steps to
accomplishing this:  (1) task Mr. Jennings with reading the 2010 World
Health Organization report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on
Child Health”; (2) make Mr. Jennings responsible for creating a page
on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization on the
Jefferson County Public Health Department website; and (3) hold a news
conference to announce the availability of the scientific information
on the Jefferson County Public Health website.  It is that easy to
warn people about avoidable chemical exposures that are causing
cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

“I will make a five minute ;presentation to the Jefferson County
Legislature advocating for action on POPs exposure minimization.  It
is all up to the lawmakers of Jefferson County to determine whether or
not scientific knowledge will be used to the benefit of public health.
Hopefully, my presentation will motivate the members of the County
Legislature to read the WHO report “Persistent Organic Pollutants:
Impact on Child Health”.  Once they have come to possess this
knowledge, I believe that they will make sure the information is
shared with the public.”-Donald L. Hassig

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3/30/14 News Release: NYS Department of Health Knows Persistent Organic Pollutants Present in Mainstream Food Supply Animal Fat Foods Cause Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease and Chooses to Remain Silent

NYS Department of Health Knows Persistent Organic Pollutants Present
in Mainstream Food Supply Animal Fat Foods Cause Cancer, Diabetes and
Heart Disease and Chooses to Remain Silent

On 3/26/14, I spoke with Wendy Kuehner an employee of the New York
State Department of Health (DOH) Center for Environmental Health.
Over the course of the past several months, I have sought to engage
Ms. Kuehner in a discussion of the damages to health caused by
exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) at current  and past
levels of food supply contamination.  POPs are contaminants of all
animal fats.  These industrial chemicals are present in foods,
including:  meats, fish, dairy products and eggs worldwide.

Ms. Kuehner has informed herself on the subject of POPs exposure and
damages to health by reading the 2010 World Health Organization (WHO)
report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health”.  Due
to the risk of serious harm associated with POPs exposure at current
levels of food supply contamination, WHO recommends action to minimize
the exposure that children receive to POPs.

I had requested that Ms. Kuehner read this report as part of my
strategy for motivating the DOH to assist with informing school boards
and school administrators on the subject of POPs exposure
minimization.  School meals contain many high animal fat food items
leading to unnecessarily high POPs exposures.  Hot dogs, hamburgers,
chicken patties, sausages and ravioli are foods high in animal fat.
These foods should not be fed to children.

Ms. Kuehner stated that there was nothing the DOH could do about the
decisions of school districts to feed children meals high in animal
fats.  I pointed out that the DOH could educate the school
decision-makers about the health protective benefit of POPs exposure

Ms. Kuehner stated that the DOH was indeed taking action on POPs
exposure minimization.  It was her position that facilitating access
to low fat dairy products and promoting eating meals high in fruits
and vegetables were actions that served this purpose.

I asked Ms. Kuehner what was the point of DOH silence on POPs in food
and the harm that POPs exposure was causing.  I stated that the first
thing a parent would do after reading the 2010 WHO report on POPs
would be to warn her/his children about this health hazard.

I explained to Ms. Kuehner that the US Department of Agriculture
(USDA), which sets standards for school meals did not take POPs
exposure into consideration when it set these standards.  The USDA
based its most recent school meal standards on the recommendations of
the 2010 Institute of Medicine report, “School Meals:  Building Blocks
for Healthy Children”.  There is no mention of food supply
contaminants in this lengthy document.

I requested that Ms. Kuehner read the above named report and she
agreed to do so.  Reducing the quantity of animal fat in school meals
is a key step in any POPs exposure minimization strategy.  The DOH
Center for Environmental Health needs to assist with informing school
decision-makers on the subject of POPs exposure minimization.

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3/26/14 News Release: Greens Hassig and Funiciello Talk Environmental Protection and Job Creation

Greens Hassig and Funiciello Talk Environmental Protection and Job Creation

I called Matt Funiciello and we spoke substantively on a number of
issues.  I asked him what his position was on hydrofracking.  He
stated that he opposed this energy extraction activity.  I asked what
he considered to be the other environmental issues of importance.  He
stated that he was concerned about the Keystone XL pipeline and the
oil trains that are bringing crude oil to the Port of Albany.

These are environmental issues that we have in common.  The difference
between us on the environment is what he and I have done to oppose
hydrofracking, the Keystone XL pipeline and oil trains coming into
Albany.  I don’t know what he has done on these issues.  Here is what
I have done.  I produce an internet radio show, “Grassroots
Environmental Protection Radio” that has covered hydrofracking and tar
sands exploitation (the source of crude for the Keystone XL pipeline).
You can find my radio show at the URL found below.

Additionally, I have created two websites, “Stop Shale Gas” and “Stop
Tar Sands Now” that serve to build opposition to hydrofrackiing and
tar sands exploitation.  You can access these websites by clicking

Another thing we talked about was creating jobs in NY-21.  Matt is for
a government program that creates jobs by subsidizing alternative
energy including wind and solar.  I am for ending participation in the
World Trade Organization (WTO) and renegotiating the Free Trade
Agreements including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
As these agreements now stand they are not good for the US.  They make
it possible for multinational corporations to avoid environmental
protection laws.  These agreements should be referred to as Dirty
Trade Agreements.  Participation in the WTO and the Free Trade
Agreements has led to the loss of millions of US jobs to foreign
manufacturers.  Loss of manufacturing jobs to China is the most
significant example of this job loss.  By ending participation in the
WTO and renegotiating the Free Trade Agreements we can bring
manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Another strategy for job creation in NY-21 and the rest of the country
centers on government education.  Most government agencies are already
well set up to provide educational outreach.  Government education can
promote changes that will spur growth and thus create jobs.  One
example is organic food production.  I am in favor of tasking the
National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health and the
Environmental Protection Agency with educating Americans on the
subject of the health benefits of eating organic food.  This education
would increase demand for organic food and the increased demand would
support expansion of organic farms, leading to more jobs in organic
farming.  The same thing can be done with alternative energy.

Finally, we discussed how to give Green Party voters the best
information for making their choice of candidates in the June Primary
Election.  We agreed to hold at least one debate/candidate forum style
event.  This would most likely take place in the geographical center
of the congressional district.  Long Lake would be nice.

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3/24/14 Town Hall Conference Call on Stopping Fracking in America

Town Hall Conference Call on Stopping Fracking in America

On Monday, March 24, 2014, from 7:00-8:00 PM, Green Party
congressional candidate Don Hassig will host a call to discuss how to
bring an end to fracking for gas and oil in the United States.
Stopping fracking is critical to the protection of our Earth Mother.

RSVP for conference call details

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3/16/14 News Release: Green Hassig on Taxes

Green Hassig on Taxes

When I become a member of the House of Representatives I will endeavor to make taxes fair.  Currently, citizens pay sales tax on water, cars, gasoline and most consumer items.  There is no sales tax on the sale of financial products.  I will draft legislation that establishes a sales tax on financial products:  stocks, bonds, mortgages, bundled student loans, bundled mortgages, derivatives, credit default swaps, and all other financial products.  Wall Street and banks will have to pay this tax when these sales occur.  Requiring that Wall Street and banks pay a tax on sales of financial products will generate a very large new revenue stream.

In Washington, I will work to increase the standard deduction on federal income taxes to $50,000.00.  I will rewrite tax laws so as to require that Wall Street and banks pay income taxes and payroll taxes.

The working class and middle class currently pay much more than their fair share of the cost of running federal government.  I will work diligently to shift the burden of taxation so as to fairly tax the wealthiest Americans.

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Green Hassig’s Top Seven Campaign Issues

Here are my top seven campaign issues.  The federal government needs
to take these steps now.  Protecting the environment will benefit all
of us.  Providing well for the basic needs of the people will usher in
a far brighter future.

(1) Stop all fracking in the USA. No more fracking for oil. No more
fracking for gas. No more fracking period.

(2) Create a good job for every American who wants to work. Other
nations have full employment such as this. Cuba is a good example.  We
can build new medical schools and employ more doctors.  We can employ
more farmers growing organic food.  We can provide jobs for more
teachers by making all education free.

(3) Provide free health care for all. This means Medicaid for every American.

(4) Provide free education through graduate school.

(5) Provide a significant quantity of free organic food for all
Americans. This can be paid for with compensation awards won in
federal lawsuits against chemical and manufacturing corporations that
have used chemicals carelessly during the course of the past hundred
years. The US Justice Department has the legal firepower to take on
Monsanto, General Electric, Dow, General Motors, ALCOA, Westinghouse,
et al. I want the Justice Department to initiate lawsuits that demand
compensation for the poisoning of every American with PCBs, dioxins
and brominated flame retardants. This is only fair. Free organic food
will help repair the damage to health that has resulted from careless
corporate chemical use.

(6) Make taxes fair.  The sale of mortgages, stocks, and all other
financial sector sales should be taxed by the federal government.
This tax will generate a large new revenue stream.  It can provide
funds for the measures described above.

(7) Educate all Americans on the subject of chemical carcinogen
exposure minimization.  This means providing the American public with
information including:  the names of chemicals known or suspected to
cause cancer in humans, the ways in which people are exposed to these
substances and strategies for minimizing exposure.  The National
Toxicology Program and the International Agency for Research on Cancer
publish lists of known and suspected human carcinogens.  These are the
chemicals that government needs to educate Americans about.

Viva the New Age, New American Revolution!

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