My Top Five Campaign Issues

Here are my top five campaign issues.

Stop all fracking in the USA. No more fracking for oil. No more fracking for gas. No more fracking period.

Create a good job for every American who wants to work. Other nations have full employment such as this. Cuba is a good example.

Provide free health care for all. This means Medicaid for every American.

Provide free education through graduate school.

Provide free organic food for all Americans. This can be paid for with compensation awards won in federal lawsuits against chemical and manufacturing corporations that have used chemicals carelessly during the course of the past hundred years. The US Justice Department has the legal firepower to take on Monsanto, General Electric, Dow, General Motors, ALCOA, Westinghouse, et al. I want the Justice Department to initiate lawsuits that demand compensation for the poisoning of every American with PCBs, dioxins and brominated flame retardants. This is only fair. Free organic food will help repair the damage to health that has resulted from careless corporate chemical use.

Viva the New Age, New American Revolution!!


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