2/19/14 Letter to Judith Enck US EPA Region 2 Requesting Answer to Question Regarding Dioxin Contamination and Food Supply Safety


Judith Enck, Regional Administrator

US Environmental Protection Agency

New York, NY USA

Dear Ms. Enck,

I have sought answers to questions regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) position on dioxin contamination and food supply safety for a considerable period of time.  You have thus far responded to my questions with avoidance of the questions.  I request that you behave in an honorable manner and provide a straightforward answer to the question found below.

Why has the EPA taken the position that dioxin contamination of the food supply does not represent a health risk for Americans?  The scientific literature clearly demonstrates that dioxin exposure at current levels of food supply contamination can cause damages to health in a number of ways.  Dioxin exposure of adults leads to epigenetic effects resulting in damage to the health of offspring.  Additionally, lifelong dioxin exposures impose increased cancer risk in the body of the independent organism.  This is because dioxin promotes carcinogenesis. The non-carcinogenic effects part of the agency’s dioxin reassessment does not take either of these sources of risk into account.  Lack of attention to these sources of risk constitutes an incurable flaw in the agency’s dioxin reassessment.  Because of this flaw, the agency’s position that the food supply is safe is invalid.  Without publishing a carcinogenic effects part to the reassessment, the risk characterization is incomplete.  EPA can not justify its decision to provide the public with assurance that the food supply is safe.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig


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