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10/4/13 Media Advisory: Green Party Candidate Hassig Calls for Government Accountability on Failure to Warn of Breast Carcinogens

Green Party Candidate Hassig Calls for Government Accountability on
Failure to Warn of Breast Carcinogens

Friday, October 4, 2013, 12:00 PM

Canton-Potsdam Hospital (on Leroy Street sidewalk bordering hospital
property) Potsdam, New York USA

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the corporate
controlled nations of the United States and Canada.  The petrochemical
corporations and many major manufacturing corporations that have
profited tremendously from the careless use of chemicals, as well as
the food corporations that profit from selling contaminated food are
intent upon using governmental public health entities to create the
illusion that chemical carcinogens do not cause breast cancer.  This
is of course a grave deception, since exposure to breast carcinogens,
including:  dioxins, PCBs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),
atrazine and cadmium is exactly what causes breast cancer.

I demand that the federal governmental public health entities,
including:  the National Cancer Institute, the National Center for
Environmental Health, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease
Registry, the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental
Protection Agency immediately begin conducting a series of public
forums throughout America so as to present the true facts of breast
carcinogen exposure and breast cancer risk to the American people.  A
public forum on the subject of breast carcinogen exposure and breast
cancer risk must be conducted in every county in our country.  The
first public forum should be conducted in St. Lawrence County, New
York where much PCB exposure has taken place and many women have been
harmed by breast carcinogen exposure.

The failure of the governmental public health entities to warn
Americans of the chemical carcinogen exposure breast cancer hazard is
inexcusable.  The decision makers in these governmental entities have
failed in this capacity with full knowledge of the facts of breast
carcinogen exposure and breast cancer risk.  The deception is
deliberate and has caused great harm.  All of the people who have
participated in this deception must be held accountable for their bad
behaviors.  Upon completion of the series of public forums, a national
inquiry must be commenced into laying criminal charges against the
offending parties.  Many, many Americans have suffered because of the
decision to follow corporate demands in public health messaging on the
subject of breast cancer risk.  Now is the time to bring out the Truth
and punish the deceivers.


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10/1/13 News Release: NY-21 Green Party Hassig Calls for Post Dysfunctional Government Shutdown Elections Now

NY-21 Green Party Hassig Calls for Post Dysfunctional Government
Shutdown Elections Now

I learned this morning that the dysfunctional government of the United
States of America had been shut down.  Great joy welled up in my heart
when I heard this news.  I am very hopeful that all Americans of good
intention will join together to seize this opportunity to create a
change of government.

Now is the time for the good American people to step in and bring an
end to the partisan nonsense that has driven our country down to such
a low point.  I am happy to lead the way in sparking the change of
government.  I call for new national elections now, elections in which
we will choose new leaders for every elected office:  the Presidency,
Congress, and the Judiciary.  These change of government elections
must be publicly financed and carefully monitored to insure that no
corporate money is spent to control the election outcome.

Government shutdown is a wonderful opportunity for the American people
to stand up and say what they want their government to be.  The good
American people can take charge of their destiny and demand publicly
financed federal elections now.  These elections would usher in the
new day of good, strong leadership in Washington.  Gone would be the
days of greedy people of bad intention squabbling over the selling out
of our once great nation.  Those who are elected in the post
government shutdown election will set about raising government up onto
a high plane that is far above corporate influence.  The cheating and
the deceiving will come to an abrupt end with this change of
government.  We will have our good government back, the one that the
corporations stole from us.  This is the time to take our government
back.  Hurray for the dysfunctional government shutdown!

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