9/5/13 News Release: Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Freedom of speech is wonderful.  The more freedom of speech Americans have the freer our country will be.  Viva free speech in America!

I went to trial on a trespass charge in Canton Town Court today.  The charge resulted from an October 30, 2012 incident at the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building.  I was at the Human Services Building giving a free speech performance titled, “Kicking Ass on Breast Cancer”.  The purpose of my free speech, free singing and free dancing that day was to apply pressure upon government.  I used my beloved freedoms to speak out against the failure of the national, state and county public health entities to provide the public with a warning of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard constituted by the presence of POPs in the animal fat containing foods of the mainstream food supply.  I believe that speaking loudly and freely in public places about the decision of the governmental public health entities to remain silent about POPs contamination of the food supply is the best way to force government to tell the Truth about the chronic disease epidemic that has been caused by background exposures to POPs.  Since 2010, the World Health Organization has recommended action to minimize the exposures that children receive to POPs.  No governmental public health entity in the United States has yet published and disseminated a health hazard advisory for POPs.

My free speech Trespass trial was very brief.  The New York State Trooper and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who had been subpoenaed as witnesses for the Prosecution were not present in the courtroom after a considerable period of time had elapsed after the start time of the trial.  I made a motion for dismissal stating in short that I was not guilty of Trespass due to these facts: (1) the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building where the incident in question took place is a public venue where free speech is protected by the US Constitution, and (2) at the time of the arrest I was in possession of a letter signed by St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire giving me permission to engage in free speech on the subject of chemical exposure and damages to health in that particular venue.  Judge O’Horo dismissed the charge.  I have found Judge O’Horo to be a most fair and reasonable arbiter of justice.  Thank you Good Spirits of Nature for Good American Judges.

Building a New Age/New American Revolution is not easy.  However, the prize of wresting control of government from corporations, preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other damages to health caused by POPs and ushering in a new era of safe chemical use is well worth the fight.  I am a New Age/New American revolutionary and this is a New Age/New American Revolution. Amen!


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