9/3/13 Letter to Congressman William Owens Concerning Dialogue with Army at Fort Drum on Subject of Alleged R-22 Use in Violation of Clean Air Act


Hon. William Owens
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA

Dear Congressman Owens,

I have invested a large amount of time and energy in working to
determine whether or not the Army at Fort Drum is using R-22, a
chlorofluorocarbon in violation of the Clean Air Act (CAA).  The US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen not to communicate
regarding the investigation of alleged violation of the CAA.

In finding EPA totally unwilling to cooperate, I have decided to
attempt to initiate dialogue with the Army.  I have sought to speak
with Army personnel about the alleged violation and have received no
response.  Julie Cupernall is Director of the Office of Public
Relations at Fort Drum.  I have sent her information concerning this
matter via electronic mail and left several voice mail messages.  I
have received no response from Ms. Cupernall to my request for

Please provide whatever assistance you can to move the Army to agree
to discuss the allegation described above.  Thank you for your
attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig


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