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9/17/13 Media Advisory: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits Potsdam College to Speak on Free Education and Safe Chemical Use

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits Potsdam College to Speak on
Free Education and Safe Chemical Use

Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 2:30 PM

Plaza South of Barrington Student Union

Potsdam, New York USA

As a Green Party congressional candidate, it is important to bring
forward new proposals that are of benefit to the electorate. Free
education through graduate school and safe chemical use are two such

American youth should have the opportunity to learn free from the
repressive burden of high education costs. Operating a motor vehicle
and obtaining housing impose a considerable demand upon a student’s
finances. Free college tuition can help make education more
affordable for all. It is reasonable and good that our society would
use its wealth to make intellectual growth a reality for large numbers
of young people. This is one of the best investments that we can

Safe chemical use will usher in a new era of environmental restoration
and improved health. The best way to begin using chemicals safely is
to recognize the harm that has been caused by unsafe chemical use. I
propose to create thousands of new jobs in the field of environmental
health education. There should be one environmental health educator
for every one hundred Americans. Educating on past unsafe chemical
use and strategies for transitioning to safe chemical use is of such
critical importance to our future that such a favorable educational
ratio is well warranted.

It is with new ideas that we will enter into a New Age of happiness
and well being. Government can take a leading role in making new
ideas reality. Government can foster change. Good government can
help make things better. Let’s get started.


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Positivity is a Wonderful Way to Bring Change

I gave a very effective free speech performance on the State University of New York Potsdam College campus earlier today.  This time, I focused on finding joy in the dancing and freely spoken words.  It worked beautifully.  In my happiness and calm goodness of heart, I connected with a considerable number of students.  We talked for a long time about how to bring change.  We made progress.  I look forward immensely to meeting these men and women again to take another strong step on the path of great change coming.  Viva the positive energy revolution!

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Starting Up my Campaign at Jefferson Community College

I started up my NY-21 race last week on the Jefferson Community College campus.  WWNY TV 7 covered the event.  I am very happy with the story TV 7 broadcast.  It presents in a very succinct manner the four most important things about my campaign:  (1) it has begun; (2) I am determined to make this campaign all about hopefulness in bringing great change; (3) I have a message of corporate polluting that must be brought under control; and  (4) I plan to keep on running until I win.   See what you think.

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9/3/13 Letter to Congressman William Owens Concerning Dialogue with Army at Fort Drum on Subject of Alleged R-22 Use in Violation of Clean Air Act


Hon. William Owens
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA

Dear Congressman Owens,

I have invested a large amount of time and energy in working to
determine whether or not the Army at Fort Drum is using R-22, a
chlorofluorocarbon in violation of the Clean Air Act (CAA).  The US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen not to communicate
regarding the investigation of alleged violation of the CAA.

In finding EPA totally unwilling to cooperate, I have decided to
attempt to initiate dialogue with the Army.  I have sought to speak
with Army personnel about the alleged violation and have received no
response.  Julie Cupernall is Director of the Office of Public
Relations at Fort Drum.  I have sent her information concerning this
matter via electronic mail and left several voice mail messages.  I
have received no response from Ms. Cupernall to my request for

Please provide whatever assistance you can to move the Army to agree
to discuss the allegation described above.  Thank you for your
attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

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9/5/13 News Release: Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Free Speech Victory in NY-21

Freedom of speech is wonderful.  The more freedom of speech Americans have the freer our country will be.  Viva free speech in America!

I went to trial on a trespass charge in Canton Town Court today.  The charge resulted from an October 30, 2012 incident at the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building.  I was at the Human Services Building giving a free speech performance titled, “Kicking Ass on Breast Cancer”.  The purpose of my free speech, free singing and free dancing that day was to apply pressure upon government.  I used my beloved freedoms to speak out against the failure of the national, state and county public health entities to provide the public with a warning of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard constituted by the presence of POPs in the animal fat containing foods of the mainstream food supply.  I believe that speaking loudly and freely in public places about the decision of the governmental public health entities to remain silent about POPs contamination of the food supply is the best way to force government to tell the Truth about the chronic disease epidemic that has been caused by background exposures to POPs.  Since 2010, the World Health Organization has recommended action to minimize the exposures that children receive to POPs.  No governmental public health entity in the United States has yet published and disseminated a health hazard advisory for POPs.

My free speech Trespass trial was very brief.  The New York State Trooper and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who had been subpoenaed as witnesses for the Prosecution were not present in the courtroom after a considerable period of time had elapsed after the start time of the trial.  I made a motion for dismissal stating in short that I was not guilty of Trespass due to these facts: (1) the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building where the incident in question took place is a public venue where free speech is protected by the US Constitution, and (2) at the time of the arrest I was in possession of a letter signed by St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire giving me permission to engage in free speech on the subject of chemical exposure and damages to health in that particular venue.  Judge O’Horo dismissed the charge.  I have found Judge O’Horo to be a most fair and reasonable arbiter of justice.  Thank you Good Spirits of Nature for Good American Judges.

Building a New Age/New American Revolution is not easy.  However, the prize of wresting control of government from corporations, preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other damages to health caused by POPs and ushering in a new era of safe chemical use is well worth the fight.  I am a New Age/New American revolutionary and this is a New Age/New American Revolution. Amen!

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9/6/13 Media Advisory: Hassig Announces 2014 Green Party Run in NY-21

Hassig Announces 2014 Green Party Run in NY-21

Friday, September 6, 2013, 1:00 PM

Clock Tower Plaza, Jefferson Community College

Watertown, New York USA

During my 2012 NY-21 campaign, I repeatedly promised to run until I
won.  Perseverance is a key element of success.  It is with great
excitement and joy that I enter the 2014 race.  This will be a
campaign highlighted by love, creativity and beauty.  I will be a
member of the US House of Representatives someday soon.

Our Earth Mother is ever so much in need of relief from the human
onslaughts of careless chemical use, over population, habitat
destruction and fossil fuel combustion.  I will campaign so as to show
good leadership in loving the Earth and protecting the Earth.  My
campaign will emphasize how we must change everything to live in
harmony with fellow humans and the other living beings.

I have chosen Jefferson Community College (JCC) for the kick-off of my
campaign because of the large amount of positive energy that I
received from students in 2012.  It is my greatest hope that the
grassroots, good, solid people of America will take control of our
destiny by regaining control of federal government.  The students of
JCC, Canton College, Potsdam College and Plattsburgh College can make
great strides in establishing the control of the people over our
national government.  They can start by speaking freely about what
they want their government to be.  I want Congress to be free from
corporate control.  I will endeavor mightily to accomplish this.  I
can do a good job of freeing Congress if I am elected.  As the
students proceed with speaking freely about changing government, they
will sense the time is right for civil disobedience to pressure
government to break away from corporate control.  This is my dream for
a new America.  We will change everything as soon as we have taken
back our government.  A government that is acting for the betterment
of the lives of the vast majority of Americans will protect public
health and the Earth by ushering in the days of safe chemical use,
sustainable human reproduction, habitat protection and transition to
non-combustion energy sources, including solar and wind.  This is good
for the Earth and it is good for the people.  My campaign is all about
great change coming.  Viva the Revolution!

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