1/17/13 News Release: Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

On January 16, 2013, I defended myself against a charge of Disorderly
Conduct before Hon. Judge Eugene Renzi in the Watertown City Court.
The trial hinged upon whether my dance/spoken word performance of
August 28, 2012 was free speech or Disorderly Conduct.  The arresting
officer of the Watertown City Police provided testimony for the
District Attorney’s Office.  He described my actions as “screaming”
and “waving my arms”.    His own words make very clear the fact that
the officer had a negative attitude toward my demonstration.  Speaking
loudly to be heard above the sounds of traffic on a busy city street
is only “screaming” to the person who does not like people who choose
to demonstrate against the corrupt government.  Dancing is only
“waving arms” in the mind of the person who sees all protest in a
negative light.

I took the witness stand and explained that freedom of speech was my
only option for educating voters about the bad government that has
come to exist in Washington.  I stated that the Watertown news media
had given me no positive coverage prior to the dance/spoken word
protest.  I stated that my strategy was to speak loudly and freely on
Washington Street in Watertown on August 28th so as to attract the
attention of voters.  I described the success of my endeavor, three
young men stopping to speak with me about the issues of my Green Party

In addition to relating the events of August 28th, I gave Judge Renzi
a brief history of my environmental activism.  I pointed out that my
message linking industrial chemical exposure with cancer causation was
displeasing to the powerful people of the North Country.  The key
Truth for the matter before the City Court and my activism as a whole
is that these powerful people had repeatedly tried to damage my
efforts to educate the public on the connection between industrial
chemical exposure and cancer.  I stated emphatically that I would
continue to use my freedom of speech to bring out the Truth about
chemical exposure and cancer in America.

Judge Renzi rendered his decision immediately following my closing
statement.  He obviously had his mind made up before the trial.  He
found me guilty of Disorderly Conduct and fined me 100.00 dollars.

I will appeal this bad decision.  Viva Freedom of Speech!  Viva the
Truth!  Viva the Revolution!


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