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1/17/13 News Release: Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

On January 16, 2013, I defended myself against a charge of Disorderly
Conduct before Hon. Judge Eugene Renzi in the Watertown City Court.
The trial hinged upon whether my dance/spoken word performance of
August 28, 2012 was free speech or Disorderly Conduct.  The arresting
officer of the Watertown City Police provided testimony for the
District Attorney’s Office.  He described my actions as “screaming”
and “waving my arms”.    His own words make very clear the fact that
the officer had a negative attitude toward my demonstration.  Speaking
loudly to be heard above the sounds of traffic on a busy city street
is only “screaming” to the person who does not like people who choose
to demonstrate against the corrupt government.  Dancing is only
“waving arms” in the mind of the person who sees all protest in a
negative light.

I took the witness stand and explained that freedom of speech was my
only option for educating voters about the bad government that has
come to exist in Washington.  I stated that the Watertown news media
had given me no positive coverage prior to the dance/spoken word
protest.  I stated that my strategy was to speak loudly and freely on
Washington Street in Watertown on August 28th so as to attract the
attention of voters.  I described the success of my endeavor, three
young men stopping to speak with me about the issues of my Green Party

In addition to relating the events of August 28th, I gave Judge Renzi
a brief history of my environmental activism.  I pointed out that my
message linking industrial chemical exposure with cancer causation was
displeasing to the powerful people of the North Country.  The key
Truth for the matter before the City Court and my activism as a whole
is that these powerful people had repeatedly tried to damage my
efforts to educate the public on the connection between industrial
chemical exposure and cancer.  I stated emphatically that I would
continue to use my freedom of speech to bring out the Truth about
chemical exposure and cancer in America.

Judge Renzi rendered his decision immediately following my closing
statement.  He obviously had his mind made up before the trial.  He
found me guilty of Disorderly Conduct and fined me 100.00 dollars.

I will appeal this bad decision.  Viva Freedom of Speech!  Viva the
Truth!  Viva the Revolution!


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1/12/13 Calendar Notice: Change the World Movie Night in the North Country

Change the World Movie Night in the North Country

Saturday, January 12, 2013, 6:00 PM

Home of Lewis M. Shepard (call 386.4589 for directions)

We will watch and discuss one of the following videos.  Grassroots activism in America can bring great change.  This is a Green Party building event.

Mercury Undercover

Vanishing of the Bees


5 Boldface Truths

The Tapping Solution

Genetic Roulette

Simply Raw



Cut Burn Poison

The Amen Solution

The Greater Good

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1/3/13 News Release: 2012-2017 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Falls Short of Identifying Major Industrial Chemical Exposure Cancer Hazards for Exposure Minimization Action

2012-2017 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Falls Short of Identifying Major Industrial Chemical Exposure Cancer Hazards for Exposure Minimization Action

On December 19, 2012, the New York State Cancer Consortium and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) released the final draft of the 2012-2017 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (CCCP).  This document contains a 2 page section on environmental exposure.  The information provided is seriously lacking in detail.  No industrial chemical carcinogens are named.  The scientific research literature contains a large number of peer-reviewed research articles that report increased cancer risk associated with exposures to specific chemicals and groups of chemicals.  This is so for carcinogenic metals, including:  lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and nickel.  This is so for persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including:  dioxins, PCBs and certain fat-soluble pesticides.  This is so for by-products of combustion of fossil fuels, including:  benzene, formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.  Stopping short of naming these chemicals and groups of chemicals in the CCCP and stopping short of presenting strategies for minimizing exposure to these chemicals and groups of chemicals can only be described as a failure to use scientific knowledge to protect public health.

The Environmental Exposure section of the CCCP provides an indication that the Cancer Consortium and the DOH are moving toward eventually naming chemicals and groups of chemicals and presenting strategies to minimize exposure, but this is not enough.  The people of New York State need to continue to pressure the Cancer Consortium and the DOH to assist with providing the residents of our state with warnings of the avoidable industrial chemical exposure cancer hazards.  The CCCP should make clear the existence of the industrial chemical exposure cancer hazards named above.  It should set forth strategies for exposure minimization that address these avoidable cancer hazards.

The CCCP lacks the content described above because corporations that have financial interests involving chemical carcinogens exert great influence upon the Cancer Consortium and the DOH.  New York State needs a CCCP that exists for the purpose of protecting public health to the fullest extent that is possible at the current stage of scientific knowledge.  Corporate pressure on politicians should not be allowed to cause the CCCP to fall short.

The CCCP is available on the Cancer Consortium website and can be accessed at the URL found below.

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Celebrating Truth Coming Out in 2012 and Looking Joyously Ahead to Days of Bringing Good Change in 2013

On December 31, 2012, I gave a spoken word/environmental dance
performance in the Main Hallway of the St. Lawrence County Courthouse
celebrating this past year when the World as we have known it changed
in a tremendously important way.  In 2012, the Truth came out about
the harm that corporations are doing to the Earth and its inhabitants.
Together with this Truth came the Truth about government failure to
act upon its responsibility to protect the environment and the public
health.  These Truths are now widely know.  This knowledge matters.
This knowledge of fundamental Truths concerning life in a World
dominated by industrialized societies is a powerful force for bringing

As I danced and spoke freely about Truths of such significance, I
experienced intensely a panoply of feelings:  the desire to create
justice, anger that corporate/government culture people are causing so
much harm, determination to keep on pounding away at the work of
creating government accountability, and gladness that 2012 had
unveiled the bad behaviors of the corporate/government culture.  I am
so happy to have found a way to move forward with bringing change that
is beautiful, exciting and mindful.

In the wonderful moments of dance and speaking from my heart, two new
thoughts came to me.  I conceived of the need for action to minimize
the suffering that is taking place due to harm having been done to the
people of Akwesasne and the Town of Massena by the use and disposal of
industrial chemicals including PCBs and mercury.  Additionally, I
realized the responsibility that dairy farmers bear for having
produced and sold milk fat in a time of animal fat contamination.
This responsibility imposes the duty to take action for minimizing the
suffering of those who consumed milk fat that contained persistent
organic pollutants (POPs) and the duty to take action to minimize
ongoing exposures to POPs.  The dairy farmers of St. Lawrence County
should be showing support for the educational outreach on POPs
exposure minimization that Cancer Action NY has long advocated for.
They should be glad to have the St. Lawrence County Public Health
Department start providing such education.

Exercising freedom of expression has proven itself to be a great
source of inspiration and spiritual power in my life.  As the first
year of the New World begins to unfold, I am deeply joyed to have
dancing and speaking freely to share with my fellow Americans.  I
believe that 2013 will bring amazing advances in the use of scientific
knowledge to protect the environment and the public health.  This is
good for America.  We are finally moving forward with environmental

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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