12/18/12 News Release: North Country Activists for Fluoride Free Watertown Fault Jefferson County Public Health on Lack of Scientific Basis for Pro Fluoridation Stance

North Country Activists for Fluoride Free Watertown Fault Jefferson
County Public Health on Lack of Scientific Basis for Pro Fluoridation

Five North Country activists attended the December 17, 2012 meeting of
the Watertown City Council to voice further opposition to the
fluoridation of city water.  There had been some indication that
proponents would also be speaking at this meeting but none chose to

Troy, a fact-checker for Info Wars stated his willingness to debate
Jefferson County Public Health Department Director Jean Bilow on the
fluoridation issue.  Ms. Bilow had recently written to city government
to express support for fluoridation.  Troy said that Director Bilow
had failed to present any specific scientific research findings and
had merely made vague reference to scientific studies.  He went on to
request that the city provide him with the container in which fluoride
was received.  He explained that he was interested in knowing the
chemical composition of the material that was being added to city
water.  He stated that this material included substances other than
fluoride and he attributed this fact to the source of the fluoride
being industrial pollution abatement technology.

Jeffrey Ostrom of Watertown spoke of two revealing facts concerning
the position of the United States on matters of scientific
significance.  US residents receive much more fluoride exposure than
people of most other nations.  The US resists efforts of most other
nations to take action to slow the pace of global climate change.
Clearly, the corporate profits priority that exists in the US has
placed US residents in a position that no one would choose based upon
scientific knowledge.

Donald Hassig, Director of Cancer Action NY spoke on the subject of
the letter from Public Health Director Bilow.  He said that Ms. Bilow
was incorrect in stating that scientific studies had proven that
fluoridation was safe.  He pointed out that this would only be True if
the many studies demonstrating adverse health effects had been shown
to be invalid, which was not the case.  He explained that people
received fluoride exposure from numerous sources and that no data
existed for quantification of total fluoride exposure of Watertown
residents.  He argued that these facts made the Bilow statement

Activists gathered downstairs in City Hall after the public forum
portion of the meeting and planned their next moves.  It was agreed
that there would be an effort made to interest Jefferson Community
College in hosting a public debate of the fluoridation issue.
Additionally, options were discussed for forming alliances with other
anti-fluoridation groups.  A conference call was suggested for this

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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