12/17/12 Media Advisory: Northern New York Activists Join Forces to Bring an End to Fluoridation in City of Watertown

Northern New York Activists Join Forces to Bring an End to
Fluoridation in City of Watertown

Monday, December 17, 2012, 7:00 PM

City Hall, Third Floor, Council Chambers, Watertown, New York USA

North Country activists interested in public health protection based
upon scientific knowledge will be making presentations to the
Watertown City Council and Mayor on the subject of the damages to
health that are caused by fluoride exposure.  This newly formed
coalition is focusing upon bringing an end to fluoridation of the
city’s water.  Fluoride exposure has been linked to increased
incidence of bone cancer among young males, hypothyroidism, fluorosis,
and cardiovascular disease.  Fluoride is an endocrine disrupting

This council meeting should provide a lively interchange on the
fluoridation issue considering the fact that certain supporters of
fluoridation have made known their intention of providing input.  When
those who blindly follow the blind leaders speak it is very easy to
bring out the Truth about the well established American habit of
careless and uninformed chemical use.  Another step in the
environmental revolution that will forever change chemical use in the
United States is about to be taken.  Viva the Revolution!  No more
fluoride poison in Watertown’s water!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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  1. jwillie6 said

    Only 5% of the world uses fluoridation because many large studies show fluoridation is totally ineffective in improving tooth decay and is dangerous to health. Europe, which is 97% fluoride free, China, India, Japan, and most other countries have rejected it. Only eight countries in the world actually fluoridate tap water. The citizens of these countries also have the distinction of having the highest rates of arthritis and thyroid disease, both side effects of excessive ingestion of fluoride.

    IThe best scientific information on fluoridation can be found in Dr. Paul Connett’s book, “The Case Against Fluoride,” published last year. It contains over 1200 studies (80 pages) and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health from fluoride.

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