12/11/12 Media Advisory: Honor to Larry Thompson for Taking Action to End the Environmental Genocide at Akwesasne


Honor to Larry Thompson for Taking Action to End the Environmental
Genocide at Akwesasne

Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 9:00 AM

Lobby outside Legislative Board Room, St. Lawrence County Courthouse,
Court Street, Canton, NY USA

On August 11, 2011, Larry Thompson entered the GM Powertrain Superfund
site and commenced to excavate the Toxic Mound, an illegal industrial
waste landfill that EPA had decided to leave in place on the site.
The Toxic Mound industrial landfill had no liner.  It is located
adjacent to the Akwesasne Reserve.  Water stands on the reserve within
a short distance from the base of the Toxic Mound.  This water has
been found to be contaminated with PCBs.  There is much suffering and
death from diseases that are associated with PCB exposure amongst the
people of Raquette Point and the rest of Akwesasne.

Larry Thompson had consulted with his Clan Mother and it was her
position that the Toxic Mound must be removed from the GM Superfund
site.  Considering the many years of inaction on clean-up and the EPA
decision to leave the Toxic Mound, Larry chose to take action on
removal.  By entering the Superfund Site and excavating the hazardous
waste of the Toxic Mound, he demonstrated defiance of the bad
corporate/government culture and focused public attention on removal.
This well thought out act of civil disobedience is the work of a New
American hero.  Larry Thompson has excited the minds and hearts of
many who live here in the St. Lawrence River Valley with the energies
of great change coming.  “Honor to Larry Thompson.  His name will long
be spoken with respect and joyfulness in the company of those who love
the Earth and stand for protecting the Earth.”-Donald L. Hassig

St. Lawrence County benefited from the economic activity that took
place in connection with the industrial facilities located along the
St. Lawrence River between Massena and Akwesasne.  St. Lawrence County
government should take responsibility for minimizing the harm that
will result from the polluting of the region with industrial
chemicals.  The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department should
commence an educational outreach designed to warn the residents of
Akwesasne and Massena of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
exposure health hazard.  By telling the people of this region the
whole Truth of food supply contamination, much of the ongoing exposure
to POPs could be eliminated.  Most people are still unaware of the
presence of POPs in the meats, fish, eggs and dairy products that are
available in supermarkets.  They think that by avoiding eating the
fish and wildlife of the area they are eliminating their exposures to
PCBs.  Minimizing ongoing exposures is a critical part of minimizing

The good people are coming together to bring an end to the
environmental genocide at Akwesasne.  Exposure to industrial chemicals
has imposed a terrible burden of disease upon the First Nations people
who reside here.  Many, many people who live downwind and downstream
from the ALCOA facilities and the former GM Powertrain facility in St.
Lawrence County have died from cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Scientific knowledge has accumulated, which provides a solid
foundation for concluding that exposure to industrial chemicals caused

There is much that can be done to minimize the harm that will result
from the poisoning of the environment and people of Akwesasne.
Actions to minimize harm include:  (1) full clean-up of all industrial
contaminants in this part of the St. Lawrence River Valley; (2)
industrial contaminant exposure minimization education; (3) provision
of enhanced health care; and (4) payment in compensation for losses of
health and happiness.  We say, these things must be done now.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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