12/3/12 News Release: Free Speech Calling for New American Revolution Well Received on SUNY JCC Campus

Free Speech Calling for New American Revolution Well Received on SUNY JCC Campus

I visited the State University of New York (SUNY) Jefferson Community College (JCC) campus in Watertown, New York today for the purpose of exercising free speech concerning the environmental genocide on the Akwesasne Reserve.  This was a great experience.  My spoken word/environmental dance performance attracted a crowd of nearly twenty students.  It felt wonderful having the opportunity to share excitement for bringing an end to the genocide at Akwesasne.  The students demonstrated genuine interest in learning of the PCB contamination that has led to so much suffering and death.

My recent free speech experiences on college campuses are good reason to believe that American youth are thinking about revolting against the corrupt government that exists under the controlling influences of greed-driven corporate people.  With students thinking about revolting, I believe that the New American Revolution is finally beginning to take shape.  Hopefully, by 2020 we will see full-fledged revolt:  barricades in the streets, mass protests, and widespread calls for the government to dissolve itself, clearing the way for fair elections of new, good leaders.

American youth are dissatisfied with the corporate/government culture of environmental exploitation and social injustice.  Cancer has come to be recognized as the unavoidable outcome of uncontrolled corporate chemical use.  Government failed in its duty to control corporate chemical use.  Corporations and government cause cancer.  It is time to bring an end to the rule of bad corporations and bad government that cause cancer.  Viva the New American Revolution!


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