11/26/12 News Release: Fellow Revolutionary Lynn McMannis Writes of My Cancer Prevention Work and Government Efforts to Stop Me from Speaking the Truth About Chemical Exposure and Cancer Causation

Fellow Revolutionary Lynn McMannis Writes of My Cancer Prevention Work and Government Efforts to Stop Me from Speaking the Truth About Chemical Exposure and Cancer Causation

This is a stellar letter to the editor.  Lynn McMannis presents the Truth of government efforts to silence the messenger who speaks the words of condemnation against bad corporate people who have carelessly poisoned the Earth and bad government people who have made little or no attempt to stop them or hold them accountable.  Here is my friend’s letter.  The good, strong American people will continue to stand up against the bad corporate and bad government people.  This is an important front in the New American Revolution.


Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank Don Hassig for his many years of effort to
protect public health by increasing awareness of persistent organic
pollutants (POPs) and their connection to cancer and many other

With scientific evidence accumulating to support his claims, Don
decided to make a run for US Congress on the Green Party line as a
vehicle to keep this vital information in the public’s mind.

When putting forth ideas that the political establishment wants
suppressed, you can expect ad hominem attacks, character
assassination, and exclusion from debates and media coverage. That is
what Don experienced!

There is an old saying pertaining to child rearing that extrapolates
to our rigged political system: A child would rather be praised than
punished, but they would rather be punished than ignored. So what’s a
non-violent activist to do when being ignored and marginalized? You
refuse to be ignored to the point of being arrested and Don has
suffered a number of principled arrests for refusing to relinquish his
first amendment rights to speak about the dangers of POPs.

If you take the time to educate yourself, you will find that, if
anything, it is even worse than what Don has been saying. We are
swimming in a soup of 100,000 man-made chemicals that have not been
adequately tested for health effects.

The NIH, FDA, NCI, ACS, Farm Bureau, etc., that you might suppose are
looking out for your best interests are, in fact, covering up the
pandemic of diseases and suffering that are caused by POPs. These
agencies and charities are quite simply controlled by the corporations
they are supposed to regulate!

I am invoking my R.N. degree for whatever credit that gives me: you
should understand that they don’t teach about POPs in most
establishment medical schools. CNN, FOX News, and the NY Times also
won’t give you a clue. I learned about these issues on my own by
reading widely.

As our vice president would say, “This is a BFD.” We are being
systematically poisoned and sacrificed on the altar of Profit and
Greed. Corporations are allowed to dump their toxic waste because it
would cut down the CEO’s outrageous salaries to properly clean up
their messes.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, emeritus professor of Environmental Medicine at
the University of Illinois School of Public Health says “the incidence
of cancer has escalated to epidemic proportions, now striking nearly
one in two men and over one in every three women in their lifetimes.
Even more disturbing is the recent recognition that this very high
incidence of cancer is going to increase further still, and by the
year 2050, it will double the current very high incidence rate.”

He further states, “The petrochemical companies and other industries
have contaminated our environment — air, water, workplaces, and
foodstuffs — with a wide range of petrochemicals and other
carcinogens. They have done this knowing full well that these
chemicals are carcinogenic.”

Instead of shooting the messenger (or throwing him in jail) we would
be better served to confront this depraved indifference to life with a
society-wide dialogue about the facts. Start with

Thanks again Don Hassig for reminding us that this is a BFD.


Lynn McMannis
Freeville, New York


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