11/11/12 News Release: Cancer Action NY Publishes “Enemies of Cancer Prevention”

Cancer Action NY Publishes “Enemies of Cancer Prevention”

“Enemies of Cancer Prevention” is a new website dedicated to
presenting information about the bad government people who oppose
providing the public with warnings of avoidable chemical exposure
cancer hazards.  The website will be developed to include members of
county, state and national government who are enemies of cancer
prevention.  It is our hope that publishing this information will
serve to create some accountability for the bad behaviors of these
very bad people.  The website can be accessed at the URL named below.


The initial post on this website follows.

After several years of experience advocating for action by Dr. Susan
Hathaway, Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department
to provide St. Lawrence County residents with a warning of the
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure cancer hazard, I have
concluded that Dr. Hathaway is an enemy of cancer prevention.  I have
encountered numerous hostile actions committed by Dr. Hathaway.

Early in 2010, during a regular monthly board meeting of the St.
Lawrence County Legislature, legislators unanimously directed Dr.
Hathaway to write to Nirav Shah, MD Commissioner of the New York State
Department of Health (DOH) to request that Dr. Shah investigate cancer
prevention with specific focus on the matter of educational messages
that might be created on the subject of reducing exposure to POPs.
Dr. Hathaway wrote to Dr. Shah and did not request an investigation of
cancer prevention.  She requested more funding for cigarette smoking

I met with Dr. Hathaway early in her tenure as Director of Public
Health and made an in-depth presentation on the subjects of the POPs
exposure cancer hazard and exposure reduction.  Dr. Hathaway did not
evidence any interest in this information.  She took no actions to
provide any educational outreach to St. Lawrence County residents on
these subjects.

In April of 2011, the Services Committee of the St. Lawrence County
Legislature considered a resolution that would have created a POPs
exposure minimization educational outreach program within the St.
Lawrence County Public Health Department.  This resolution was
produced by a joint endeavor of St. Lawrence County Legislator Scott
Sutherland and Cancer Action NY.  The resolution was defeated.
Legislators expressed fear that educational outreach on POPs would
harm the dairy farming industry, which is a major part of the St.
Lawrence County economy.

Shortly after this meeting, I called Dr. Hathaway to state my plans
for moving ahead with Cancer Action NY efforts to bring about eventual
passage of the educational resolution.  Dr. Hathaway responded with
blunt hostility to my statement of intention to persevere.  She told
me that she would not entertain any more advocacy for educational
outreach on POPs exposure reduction.  I found this very inappropriate
and responded in an equally blunt manner.  I stated that the Truth
about chemical exposure and cancer causation was a powerful force.  I
stated that I was empowered by that Truth and that I would roll over
top of her like a freight train rolling over top of a kiddie car as I
persevered in bringing about an educational outreach on POPs exposure
reduction within the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department.

Dr. Hathaway took considerable offense to this statement.  I received
a telephone call from St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells who told
me not to have any further contact with Dr. Hathaway.  I stated my
view that this was a ridiculous demand, but agreed to comply.  I
ceased all efforts to communicate with Dr. Hathaway.

I decided to focus my advocacy on St. Lawrence County Legislators and
to conduct this advocacy in a way that made clear my strong
disapproval of the lack of interest that most legislators were
displaying.  I knew that it was only a matter of bad intention that
caused the negative legislators to oppose POPs exposure reduction
education.  There is no legitimate reason for opposing warning people
about avoidable exposures to carcinogens.  The fact that St. Lawrence
County was engulfed in a cancer epidemic made opposition to providing
this warning all the more egregious.  I set in action a plan to give
the negative legislators fair and real treatment.  This consisted of
calling the Office of the Clerk of the St. Lawrence County Legislature
and leaving messages for the negative legislators upbraiding them for
their refusal to return telephone calls.

During the course of my “Real Deal” for the negative legislators, I
encountered a very eye-opening experience with St. Lawrence County
Administrator Karen St. Hilaire.  On October 13, 2011, I spoke to Ms.
St. Hilaire in the hallway of the St. Lawrence County Courthouse.  I
attempted to start a conversation about the failure of the
governmental public health entities to warn American women of numerous
avoidable breast carcinogen exposures.  County Administrator St.
Hilaire responded in a very haughty and hostile manner.  She stated
that she was not going to debate this matter with me.  She abruptly
turned her back on me and walked into the Office of the Clerk of the
Legislature.  I followed her into this public space and continued to
speak to her about bad government behavior involving breast cancer
education.  She requested that office personnel call for a security
officer.  A New York State Unified Court System Security Officer
responded and ordered me to leave the room.  I declined to do so.  He
pushed me out of the room and down the hallway to a bench where he
ordered me to sit.  I refused.  He pushed me down onto the bench.  I
pointed my finger up at him and stated that he was part of the bad
government problem.  He ordered me to stop pointing at him.  I
continued to point at him.  He grabbed me and threw me on the floor.
He put handcuffs on me and proceeded to make an arrest.

The incident described above led to three charges being filed against
me:  criminal trespass, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
County Administrator St. Hilaire gave a very venomous deposition to
the Sheriffs Department alleging that I had created a disturbance by
shouting and claiming that I was Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus.
This was not True.  She committed perjury in making the false sworn
statement.  I made a formal complaint to the St. Lawrence County Board
of Ethics about this false sworn statement.  The Board of Ethics found
no wrongdoing.

Having encountered such a nasty experience in a county where I had
lived since I was five years old and where I had never done anything
of significance wrong, I was very angry.  I decided to use this anger
in a constructive way.  I began speaking out more than ever before.  I
established a very active practice of speaking freely about bad
government and the cancer epidemic that bad government has caused in a
great variety of venues:  government buildings, college campuses,
public beaches, public parks, ice skating arenas, and McDonald’s

In the wonderful excitement of taking this high profile role in cancer
prevention education, I grew bolder.  I called the secretary of Public
Health Director Hathaway and asked that she provide Dr. Hathaway with
a message.  The message was this, “Viva the Revolution, bitch.”  I
said it.  I meant it.  I am damn proud of having said this.
Revolutionaries are always proud of their words of defiance to the
awful overlords.

On October 30, 2012, I visited the St. Lawrence County Human Services
Building for the purpose of conducting breast cancer prevention
education.  I gave a dance and spoken word performance titled,
“KIcking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention”.  My performance was
ongoing when Dr. Hathaway entered the lobby of the Human Services
Building.  I saw her walking through this space and decided to give a
brief accounting of her bad behaviors.  I stated what I considered her
crimes against the people to be:  failing in her mandate to protect
public health and lying about the role of chemical exposure in cancer
causation.  Dr. Hathaway never paused, never looked to one side or the
other.  I could sense her serious hostility.  Shortly after she had
passed through the lobby, I was approached by a New York State Police
officer who stated that I had “worn out my welcome” and must leave the
building.  I refused to stop my performance.  He persisted.  I agreed
to stop if I was given an appearance ticket for trespassing.  He
agreed to do so.   That was the end of it.

My next encounter with the law took place on November 7, 2012.  Three
St. Lawrence County Sheriffs Department Deputies came to my home and
placed me under arrest.  I was charged with Stalking in the fourth
degree.  I received court papers in reference to this charge.  Dr.
Hathaway had filed a sworn statement with the Sheriffs Department
accusing me of stalking.  The definition of Stalking in the fourth
degree includes the words “no legitimate purpose”.  I had the most
legitimate purpose imaginable for doing everything that I ever did to
Dr. Hathaway.  I did all of these things for the purpose of motivating
her to do the work of providing St. Lawrence County residents with a
warning of the avoidable POPs exposure cancer hazard.  I did all of
these things for the purpose of bringing out the Truth about bad
government and cancer here in St. Lawrence County.

I am the Revolution!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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