The Crimes of Dr. Susan Hathaway, Director, St. Lawrence County Public Health Department

Since 2009, I have endeavored to motivate Dr. Susan Hathaway, Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department to begin educating county residents on the subject of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs)exposure health hazard. Dr. Hathaway has responded to my endeavors with nothing less than hostility. Her first attempt to derail my endeavor was to request that a restraining order be imposed. There was no legal basis for creation of such an order so no restraining order was set in place.

I have regularly called for her dismissal from the position of Director of Public Health because she does not have the character required to stand up to the corporations and factory dairy farmers on the matter of POPs exposure minimization education. She has proven that not only does she lack sufficient character to do this, she is a ruthless and deceptive person.

I am free to criticize Dr. Hathaway for her failings as Director of Public Health. She has retaliated against me for my spoken word performances describing her as a criminal. She is a criminal. She has repeatedly chosen to ignore scientific knowledge that would lead her to conclude that it is her responsibility to warn the residents of St. Lawrence County of the existence of the POPs exposure health hazard constituted by the presence of industrial contaminants in animal fats. All animal fats found in the mainstream food supply: meats, dairy products, fish and eggs are contaminated with POPs. In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the report, titled, “Persistent Organic Pollutants: Impact on Child Health”. WHO recommends global action to minimize the exposure that children receive to POPs. Dr. Hathaway has stated that she has read and understood this report. Her excuse for not taking action to minimize children’s POPs exposure is that the WHO report is invalid. She makes the totally false assertion that this report contains no epidemiological findings. The Truth is far from so. The report references many epidemiological studies. Dr. Hathaway is not averse to lying about scientific reports because she has no character. Dr. Hathaway lied about the WHO report named above because this lie serves as justification for her inaction. She chooses not to warn the public about the POPs exposure health hazard because the bad corporations and the factory dairy farmers oppose providing this warning.

It is my duty and my honor to work hard for bringing an end to Dr. Hathaway’s reign as the head of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department. Dr. Hathaway has lied about scientific knowledge and she has lied about my actions to hold her accountable for these lies. She knows why I have endeavored to motivate her to provide the POPs exposure health hazard warning. She knows why I have chosen to call for her removal from the position that she holds. I have done these things for the protection of the public health. I have expert knowledge on the subjects of POPs exposure and damages to health. I am determined to make use of that knowledge for the benefit of the people of St. Lawrence County. It is my responsibility to take the actions that I have taken with regards to Dr. Hathaway in her position as Director of Public Health.

Dr. Hathaway has given the St. Lawrence County Sheriffs Department a sworn statement alleging that I am stalking her. The definition of stalking describes lack of legitimate purpose in attempting to cause loss of employment. Dr. Hathaway knows that I had a very legitimate purpose in attempting to bring about her removal from public office. Dr. Hathaway committed perjury when she made this sworn statement.

I will continue to work for the removal of Dr. Hathaway from her position as Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department. I will continue to speak of her failures in public places, including college campuses and any government buildings which are not the place of employment of this woman.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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