11/7/12 News Release: NY-21 Green Hassig Arrested in Attempt to Stop Him from Speaking the Truth About Evil in St. Lawrence County

NY-21 Green Hassig Arrested in Attempt to Stop Him from Speaking the
Truth About Evil in St. Lawrence County

I spark non-violent revolution by speaking out against the abusive
actions of the corporate overlords and their allies in government.  I
have done this for years.  I will continue to do it.

The abusive actions that I have spoken out most frequently about are
the deliberate deceptions of the bad corporations and the governmental
public health entities concerning the matter of industrial contaminants
exposures that result from consumption of animal fats, all of which are
contaminated with PCBs, dioxins, flame retardants and numerous synthetic
pesticides.  Deceiving people about the contamination of the food supply
with industrial contaminants is evil.  This deception causes unnecessary
exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease,
auto immune diseases, cognitive impairments and disorders of the
reproductive system.  The evil ones are causing unsuspecting Americans
to receive exposures that are causing these diseases and disorders.

Today, three officers of the St. Lawrence County Sheriffs Department
came to my home and arrested me on a false charge of Stalking in the
Fourth Degree.  I have been accused of this by Dr. Susan Hathaway,
Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department.  She
accuses me of this because I have spoken the Truth in public places,
accusing her of speaking falsely on the subject of the industrial
contaminant exposure health hazard constituted by persistent organic
pollutants (POPs) contamination of the animal fat portion of the
mainstream food supply.  Dr. Hathaway is attempting to cause others in
our region to look upon me with disfavor.  She is doing this to avoid
the issue of her failure to warn the public of the POPs exposure
health hazard and her deceptive statements concerning this matter.

I am now under a Court Order prohibiting any communication or other
form of contact with Dr. Hathaway.  The Court Order prohibits me from
going to the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building where I have
often spoken the Truth about the failures and deceptions of the
governmental public health entities in matters of chemical exposure
and damages to health.

Something very similar took place in October of 2011.  I had a Court
Order that prohibited me from speaking the Truth in the St. Lawrence
County Courthouse last Fall.  That Court Order was created as a result
of my determination to speak the Truth in the presence of St. Lawrence
County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire.  I was charged with Criminal
Trespass, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct for merely
attempting to continue a conversation with St. Hilaire after she
turned her back on me and walked away.  I followed her into the office
of the Clerks of the St. Lawrence County Legislature, a large public
space.  St. Hilaire had office staff summon law enforcement personnel
and I was arrested for doing nothing other than exercise my freedom of

I am the Revolution.  I speak the Truth about the evil people among us.
Nothing will stop me from speaking this Truth.


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