11/5/12 News Release: SUNY Plattsburgh Students Show Much Positivity To Green Party Hassig’s “Revolt Now” Message

I danced in the good vibe of Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”, Usher, “More” and Tragically Hip, “New Orleans is Sinking”.  I spoke freely from my heart in the Amite Plaza calling for the good people of America to stand up to the  bad people who use corporations and government to abuse the Earth and cheat their fellow Americans.  I called for the good people to stand up and tell the bad corporate and bad government people to stop abusing the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth with their greed driven business activity.   SUNY Plattsburgh students responded with smiles of appreciation, agreement and encouragement.  This was one more small, strong step along the path of creating a non-violent revolution in the United States of America.  I am the Revolution.  I believe that someday soon, there will be SUNY Plattsburgh students who say this also.  I saw the look in their eyes of wanting to be new American revolutionaries.  We will soon be the vast, outpouring of human energy that brings great change.  We will intermingle our beliefs and desires in one powerful human movement.  We will revolt against the bad corporate and bad government people and we will succeed in taking back our government.  We will do this because it must be done.  We will do this for the future of life on Earth.  I can feel the revolution coming.  It is very close to bursting into full bloom now.


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