11/5/12 Media Advisory: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits Plattsburgh to Bring Out Truth on Military Abuses of Environment, Factory Dairy Farming, Cancer Epidemic Caused by Corporate Chemical Use…

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits SUNY Plattsburgh Campus to
Bring Out Truth on Military Abuses of Environment, Factory Dairy
Farming, Cancer Epidemic Caused by Corporate Chemical Use…

Monday, November 5, 2012, 1:00 PM

Amite Plaza,  SUNY Plattsburgh Campus, Plattsburgh, NY USA

I will speak the Truth and speak it loudly in Plattsburgh because I
love being part of bringing out the Truth.  It is the responsibility
of good, strong people to make every effort to make the Truth more
widely known.  It is the responsibility of the good, strong people to
confront the bad people who are ruining the healthfulness of planet
Earth.  Confrontation on the Truth of what the bad people are doing is
the first step toward bringing an end to the bad behaviors.  The bad
behaviors of the bad people must be brought to an end because the
total harm that has been caused by the bad people has
reached such a large quantity that more harm is absolutely
unacceptable.  Human beings can not risk any further harm occurring to
the Earth.  We must stop the bad people from inflicting any further
significant harm upon the Earth Mother.  We must stop them now.

The US military has a long history of polluting activities:  burning
supply depots rather than transporting the supplies outside of areas
that may fall into enemy hands; using depleted uranium munitions;
bombing modern cities; aerial spraying of defoliants in the Vietnam
War; and dropping nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II.  When I
elected to Congress I will take action to bring an end to the
polluting activities of the military.

The US Army at Fort Drum appears to be acting in violation of the
Clean Air Act by allowing uncontrolled releases of
hydrochlorofluorocarbon-22 (HCFC-22) also known as R-22 an ozone
depleting chemical (ODC).  R-22 destroys upper atmosphere ozone and is
also a greenhouse gas.  According to information that I have received,
R-22 refrigerant is leaking from a large refrigeration unit on the
base and the Army has made no significant effort to repair the leaks.
Military personnel are directly involved in an effort to hide this
violation of the Clean Air Act (CAA) from the US Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), which is responsible for enforcement of the
portion of the CAA that addressed ODCs.  I have written to the EPA’s
Office of Air and Radiation requesting an investigation of the alleged

There are factory dairy farms in Clinton County and the rest of the
21st Congressional District where dairy cattle are being abused.
Genetically engineered crops are being fed to the cattle, despite the
existence of scientific research demonstrating harm to livestock
caused by consumption of these crops.  Factory dairy farmers are
injecting the cows with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.
This practice causes much suffering of the cows due to the excessively
large quantity of milk that the cow is forced to produce.  Factory
dairy farmers are keeping their cattle confined on concrete in the
stench of cow wastes.  This is all the bad behaviors of bad people.
These abuses of cattle must be brought to an end.  When I am elected
to Congress, I will work to establish a ban on factory farming.

Corporations have used chemicals carelessly and heavily for over one
hundred years in America.   Many of the chemicals that corporations
released or caused to be released into the environment have now been
found to cause cancer.  It is the consensus of the scientific research
community that exposure to chemicals and agents that cause cancer is
far and away the major cause of cancer.  Government is not providing
the public with warnings on the subjects of avoidable carcinogen
exposure cancer hazards.  This is because the corporations that
poisoned the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth control
government.  These bad corporations use their control of government to
create confusion about what causes cancer.  These bad corporations
force government to maintain silence on the subject of carcinogen
exposure cancer risk.

When I am elected to Congress, I will plow into the great work of
bringing about the enactment of the Cancer Elimination Act.  My
political colleague, William C. Edstrom, who is the Green Party
candidate in the 80th Assembly District race, has written a
considerable portion of this critical legislation and has placed this
work in progress on the internet.  We will be elected to positions of
governmental power.  We will take the actions necessary to save the
world from the apocalypse that the bad corporations and bad government
are recklessly racing toward.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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