10/30/12 News Release: “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” Performance Ends in Trespass Arrest at St. Lawrence County Human Services Building

“Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” Performance Ends in Trespass Arrest at St. Lawrence County Human Services Building

I arrived at the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building shortly before 3:00 PM and commenced to give an environmental dance and spoken word performance titled, “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention”.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an evil lie of the evil corporations that used chemicals carelessly and now are forcing the governmental public health entities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York State Department of Health to avoid the subject of carcinogen exposure and breast cancer causation.  I have read all of the literature that is made available on the National Breast Cancer Awareness table that is set up in the Human Services Building.  The educational pieces found there make no mention of breast carcinogens.  The scientific literature contains a large number of research articles that describe many chemicals as breast carcinogens:  PCBs, dioxins, DDT, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), TCE and cadmium.  Leaving out the scientific facts of breast carcinogen exposure and breast cancer risk is a deliberate effort to deceive.  The petro-chemical corporations that have released breast carcinogens into the environment and are responsible for the exposures that cause breast cancer use the governmental public health entities to attempt to hide the Truth from the people who have been poisoned and caused to get breast cancer.  The government documents used for breast cancer awareness education focus on screening, early detection and behaviors that increase breast cancer risk including:  drinking alcohol, lack of exercise and failing to eat enough fruits and vegetables.  Leaving out the root causes of breast cancer, the breast carcinogens, is lying.

My “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer” performance included a brief indictment of Dr. Susan Hathaway, Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department, who has shown herself to be an enemy of those who bring forward the Truth of breast cancer causation and corporate-government culture deceptions.  This was most appropriate due to the fact that Dr. Hathaway happened to be walking through the lobby of the Human Services Building at the time my performance was taking place.  I also made it clear that kicking ass for breast cancer prevention was about confronting the bad corporate people and the bad government people on their deceptions concerning what can be done to limit the harm of breast cancer.

After I had been performing for approximately 45 minutes, a New York State Police officer entered the building and went into the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office.  He passed right by me, which led me to believe that he was attending to some police business in the DMV office.  When he passed through the lobby on his way out of the building, I asked him what he thought of kicking ass for breast cancer prevention.  He seemed to lack interest in this so I offered him some Cancer Action NY literature that describes the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure cancer hazard.  He refused to take this information.

A short time later, the State Police officer returned to the building with a St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy.  The State Police officer told me that I must leave the building because, I was disturbing employees and visitors alike.  I stated, that I would not be leaving of my own volition because I valued my freedom of speech especially freedom of speech about a cancer epidemic caused by bad corporate people and bad government people.  He stated that he was not interested in any of this and that I was breaking the law.  I stated that I was not breaking any laws because the US Constitution guaranteed me freedom of speech and because St. Lawrence County government had given me permission to conduct educational outreach in the Human Services Building.  I requested that the officer contact Mike Cunningham, my contact in St. Lawrence County government to check on my arrangements with county government.  He declined to do this.  He told me to leave again.  I told him no.

I decided to cooperate to a limited extent.  I offered to leave the building if I were to be given an appearance ticket on a trespass charge.  He agreed to do this.  That was the end of it.  I left the building, received the appearance ticket and drove off.  As I left the parking lot, I rolled down my window and shouted out, “Viva the Revolution” to a group of young men that had been a very good audience for my “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” performance.  One of these young, lively American men had joined into the performance to the extent that he was busting some moves to Usher’s “More”.  We truly had a great time.  I love dancing and speaking out.  I love talking to the police about cancer prevention and freedom of speech.  I love standing my ground on my freedom of speech.  I even like getting arrested for speaking the Truth and encouraging people to revolt against the bad corporate people and the bad government people.



  1. Sometimes well intentioned people do things that hurt their own cause. You have veered well into this territory. Our local health department can only focus on preventative changes people can make to reduce their chances for cancer. They are not a lobbying group aimed at making legislative environmental policy. Getting arrested, calling for violence against local farm workers, and other nuttiness don’t draw attention to your causes. This kind of behavior enables right wing nutjobs to lump real environmental scientists in with loony hippies.

  2. You prove with your words that you can not think. The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department has the ability to provide the residents of St. Lawrence County with educational outreach on the subject of breast carcinogen exposure minimization.

    Standing strong on my right to freedom of speech when I am speaking out to confront the bad corporate and bad government people on their efforts to deceive Americans about the causes of breast cancer is a beautiful thing to do. I am a beautiful, strong, good American hero.

    You need to learn how to think for yourself.

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