10/28/12 News Release: Post Star Lies Kissing Corporate Butt to Justify Endorsing Doheny

Glens Falls Post Star Editorial:  ENDORSEMENT Doheny deserves a chance


Exerpt from the editorial piece accessed via the URL found above.

“Considering the choice, this could have been the perfect opportunity to consider a third-party candidate such as Donald Hassig, who is running on the Green Party line. But seeing Hassig at the congressional debate at Queensbury High School, it was apparent he did not have the experience or expertise to tackle any of the difficult issues the country now faces.

It came as no surprise this week when the Green Party distanced itself from Hassig after he made several inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants.”

My response to this false and obviously corporate butt kissing editorial follows.

“I visited Glens Falls several times since starting my campaign in July 2011.  Glens Falls is dominated by smokestack industries.  The Post Star is showing itself to be dominated by these industries when its Editorial Board (EB) speaks falsely of me. What I said at the Queensbury candidate forum would convince anyone who can think that I am the only candidate who possesses the strength of character to make the changes that will save our country from the ruin that is being caused by greedy American business people.  I presented a plan for creating millions of new jobs, ending the evil wars, protecting our environment; eliminating cancer and creating fairness in taxation, health care and education:  withdraw from the WTO and FTAs; downsize to a defensive purposes only military; ban shale gas and shale oil extraction; enact a Cancer Elimination Act; establish a sales tax on Wall Street sales; and provide free health care and education through graduate school for all Americans.  Revolt!!!”-Donald L. Hassig

I tried to post this statement on the Post Star website, but it seemed perversely intent upon rejecting my Truthful words.  I suspect that even their website cheats.

Viva the Revolution!




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