Hassig Statements on the Use of Non-English Speaking Laborers to Care for and Milk Dairy Cattle and Immigration

A citizen residing in my congressional district asked the question,
“What is your position on having immigrants in America for milking
cows and doing other farm work?”  My answer was very straightforward
and simple.  I said that I was opposed to having non-English speaking
people caring for and milking cows in America.  I explained that
caring for and milking cows was relatively complex work that could not
be accomplished with any reasonable degree of quality on American
factory farms without the ability to speak and read English:  the farm
owners and managers speak English and most do not speak any other
language; the medications and chemicals used on dairy farms are not
all labeled with languages other than English; the mechanical
equipment used on dairy farms is not all labelled with languages other
than English.  I took the position that it was a further abuse of
already much abused cattle to employ non-English speaking people to
care for them and milk them.  I finished my answer to the question
from a potential voter by say, “I would like to see the Mexican dairy
farm workers get their asses kicked out of our country.”  I said it.
I meant it.  I strongly oppose the use of non-English speaking farm
workers to care for and milk dairy cows.

I did not think or speak anything that involved any negativity based
in considerations of race or nationality.  I used the word “Mexicans”
because it is my experience that some of the non-English speaking
people who work on dairy farms in New York State are Mexicans.  I have
personal knowledge that non-English speaking farm workers on the
factory dairy farm across the road from my farm in St. Lawrence County
are Mexicans.  That is the nationality that is stated when the people
I talk to in St. Lawrence County talk about these farm workers.  I did
not seek to convey any negative attitude toward Mexicans when I made
this statement.  I said Mexicans because I believe that Mexicans are
doing this work.  To the best of my knowledge, Mexicans are doing this

Caring for and milking dairy cows can not be done in a sufficiently
well-done way by people who do not speak the English language on
American factory farms where the managers and owners speak English and
most often speak no other language.  Low quality care and milking
leads to mastitis problems for the cows.  Low quality care and milking
leads to more suffering for the cows that are suffering too much when
they are cared for by people who speak English:  closed up in barns
where the odor of manure and urine is overpowering; never free to roam
outdoors, separated from their calves oftentimes immediately after
calving; confined in the vicinity of manure pits that reek of cattle
waste sewage and milk house chemicals; pushed to produce such large
quantities of milk that they are exhausted and unable to continue
producing after living only a brief fraction of their normal span of
years; injected with bovine growth hormone; kept on concrete, which
ruins their feet and killed in a slaughter house filled with the smell
of death.  Using non-English speaking workers to care for and milk
dairy cows on factory farms is very abusive of cows because it is
abuse on top of abuse.  I am very, very opposed to factory farmers
abusing cows.  I am for banning factory dairy farming because it is
abusive of cattle.

America must face and deal with the abuse of cattle that takes place
on factory dairy farms.  America must ban factory dairy farms and all
other factory farms.

I am far from a racist.  My father grew up in Ohio and saw the
discriminatory actions of his community against people of color.  He
instilled in me a respect for all people regardless of race or
nationality.  I respect people who respect other people.  I adhere to
the Golden Rule, that being, “Do unto others as you would have others
do unto you”.  My heroes are:  Geronimo, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull,
Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Jesus.  I don’t
have any heroes that are white.

I am for diligently enforced limitations on immigration.  Our country
has a population that exceeds 308 million.  There is no benefit to
having a higher human population in America.  The environment and the
other living beings are much benefited by limitations upon human
population.  For these reasons I am for no growth in population.  The
right immigration policy for maintaining a stable population is very
simple.  We only allow into our country those people with great
expertise in valuable skills and knowledge and those people who have
relatives that are United States citizens.  Considering this
limitation on immigration, we do not let in farm workers, laborers and
other low-skilled people.

Factory dairy farms and all other factory farms must someday be
outlawed.  In the meantime, the factory dairy farmers should pay their
farm workers a living wage.  If
 the factory dairy farmers offered a
living wage to workers, there would be plenty of American citizens who
wanted those jobs.  The key is forcing the factory dairy farmers to
pay a living wage.


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