Getting Arrested a Lot Because I Love Speaking Freely to Bring Out the Truth and to Confront Bad Corporations and Bad Government on the Poisoning of the Global Food Supply

I have been arrested six times since starting my Love the Earth
Protect the Earth Change Everything Campaign in July of 2011:  (1)
July 2011 trespass charge for speaking out in the outdoor plaza of the
James Hanley Federal Building in Syracuse about industrial
contaminants in animal fats; (2) October 13, 2011, criminal trespass,
resisting arrest and disorderly conduct for continuing speaking to St.
Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire after she stated that
she would not debate the difference between breast cancer detection
and breast cancer prevention with me; (3) November 2011 trespass for
standing silently inside the United States Post Office in the Village
of Potsdam with a three-fold display board message that stated, “POPs
Cause Cancer”; (4) July 2012 trespass for placing a three-fold display
board with the message stated above on a bench at the Parishville Town
Park and dancing at the far end of the beach; (5) September 2012
disorderly conduct for dancing and speaking out about POPs
contamination of the food supply and the failure of government to
provide warning of this avoidable health hazard resulting from
corporate control of government on Washington Street in Watertown; (6)
October 24, 2012 trespass for handing out leaflets on the subject of
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization inside the
main lobby of the Massena Memorial Hospital.  All charges have been
dismissed except for the disorderly conduct charge that arose from the
dialogue with County Administrator St. Hilaire.  I plead guilty to
disorderly conduct because I said “Frack” to the New York State Court
Security Officer that pushed me out of a public room into the public
hallway and then pushed me down on a public bench in the St. Lawrence
County Courthouse.

The only two charges that have not been disposed of are the disorderly
conduct charge stemming from the Watertown incident and the trespass
charge that resulted from the educational endeavor inside the Massena
Memorial Hospital.  I will beat both of these charges because the
Constitution trumps all laws and regulations.  I was speaking freely
and loudly on the Watertown sidewalk in front of City Hall and I was
quietly handing out cancer prevention pamphlets inside the Massena
Memorial Hospital, a public place that is owned by the Town of
Massena.  I have the right to freedom of speech on the sidewalk in
Watertown and inside the lobby of the Massena Memorial Hospital
because these are public places.

I love speaking freely when every time I do it the Truth becomes more
fully part of these days of our lives.  I love standing up to the
authorities because it is a way of confronting them on their bad
behaviors that have resulted in the out of control use of chemicals
that led to the contamination of the food supply and the epidemics of
cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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