10/26/12 Media Advisory: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Shares Food Contamination Truth with Children at Colton-Pierrepont School

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Shares Food Contamination Truth with Children at Colton-Pierrepont School

Friday, October 26, 2012, 11:30 AM

Colton-Pierrepont Central School, on sidewalk outside school cafeteria, Colton, NY USA

I possess expert knowledge on the subject of chemical carcinogen exposure cancer risk and chemical carcinogen exposure minimization strategies.  I am determined to continue to share that knowledge with American men, women and children.

The Colton-Pierrepont School is a public school.  The property is owned by the taxpayers of the Colton-Pierrepont School District.  I am a taxpayer of the Colton-Pierrepont School District.  Public places are the places where Americans are free to practice their First Amendment rights.  I choose to speak freely at the Colton-Pierrepont school on the subject of cancer prevention.

Over the course of my residency in this school district, I have enjoyed a good relationship with the administrators of the district.  Several times each year, I conducted an information table on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization inside the school in the main entrance lobby just outside the school cafeteria.  I very much enjoyed these visits to the school because the children were so appreciative of my environmental dance performances and my willingness to talk to them about cancer prevention.  On October 13, 2011, an incident occurred that brought an end to my outreach at the Colton-Pierrepont school.  I was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct as a result of an encounter with law enforcement personnel at the St. Lawrence County Courthouse.

The Truth of this incident is far different from what the charges would lead one to expect.  I attempted to speak with St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire on the subject of breast cancer prevention that addresses breast carcinogen exposure minimization.  County Administrator St. Hilaire has never spoken to me about any cancer prevention subject despite my attempts to engage her in dialogue on these subjects.  On October 13, 2012, I decided to not give up my attempt to communicate without a little extra effort.  When the County Administrator responded to my attempt to initiate dialogue by stating that she would not debate the subject of breast cancer prevention with me, I simply followed her into the Office of the Clerk of the St. Lawrence County Legislature after she had turned her back on me and entered this large public space.  I pursued my dialogue by merely continuing to speak to the County Administrator.  The County Administrator had a secretary call for building security.  A New York State Court Security officer responded and requested that I leave the public room.  I declined to do so.  Officer Cassidy Mock pushed me out of the room.  After he had finished pushing me down on a bench in the hallway of the St. Lawrence County Courthouse, I had just about had enough of his physical approach to law enforcement.  I pointed my finger up at him and stated that he was a big part of the problem constituted by government officials refusing to discuss cancer prevention.  He told me not to do this.  I continued to point.  He threw me on the floor and handcuffed me with the entirely unnecessary assistance of Under Sheriff Scott Bono.

The Colton-Pierrepont School Board took the position that it did not want a person who had been charged with these relatively serious charges to be conducting cancer prevention educational outreach to students.  I was disappointed that the school board would choose to reject my educational services.  In an attempt to allay their concerns, I made a presentation to the school board explaining what had happened at the courthouse.  The school board chose to persist in its rejection of my offer of outreach.  After over a year had passed by, I contacted Superintendent Joseph Kardash and asked how I stood with the school board.  He stated that nothing had changed.  Many things had changed:  all charges initiated on October 13, 2012 had been dropped except the disorderly conduct.  I was not fined for the disorderly charge that I plead guilty to.  I was arrested and charged with trespassing at the Parishville Town Beach on July 30, 2012.  This charge was dismissed.  The courts of St. Lawrence County were clearly demonstrating their approval of my decisions to talk to people about cancer prevention that addresses minimizing exposure to chemical carcinogens.  Nevertheless, the school board was not coming around.

I have decided to bring an end to my exclusion from a role in protecting the health of children at the Colton-Pierrepont school.  I can do this by going to the school and exercising my freedom of speech.  On the sidewalk outside the windows of the school cafeteria, I will speak freely and loudly about the contamination of the food supply with POPs and the health protective benefits of restricting intake of animal fats.  The children deserve to have the Truth about what adults have done in the name of greed.  I will not fail in providing these children with a warning of the POPs exposure health hazard.  It is particularly important that I provide this warning considering the fact that the school lunch menu includes many foods that are unnecessarily high in animal fats:  hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken patties and other processed meats.  This is cheap food.  It is not healthy food.  I will make this clear to the children.


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