Exposure to Carcinogens Causes Cancer. The Truth is Coming Out About This. End of the World as We Know It. 2012. Yes!!!

I started Cancer Action NY in January 2000 because
of the very high cancer incidence rates in the St. Lawrence River
Valley.  The causes of high cancer rates in the St. Lawrence  River
Valley are these: (1) location downwind from a tremendous number of
air pollution sources in the Mid West and Great Lakes Basin; (2)
location downstream from a tremendous number of waste water discharge
points of industrial and municipal entities; (3) local PCB
contaminated Superfund sites along the St. Lawrence River at Massena
and Akwesasne; (4) open waste burning releases of dioxins and PCBs;
(5) consumption of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contaminated
animal fats; and (6) exposure to atrazine, which has been used
extensively as an herbicide in corn production.  Exposure to
carcinogens is what causes cancer.  The corporations that make
carcinogens, the petro-chemical industry controls the government.  The
petro-chemical corporations want to keep the American public in the
dark about what causes cancer because they cause cancer with their
careless production and use of carcinogens.  The petro-chemical
industry will not allow the government that it controls to warn the
public of the avoidable pollutant carcinogen cancer hazards.  I have
placed a large quantity of information concerning these matters on
several websites.



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