These Are Your Choices: Retract Your Statement Immediately or Be Named in a Libel Suit.

from:  Donald Hassig
date:  Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 3:26 PM
subject:  These Are Your Choices: Retract Your Statement Immediately or Be Named in a Libel Suit.

Mr. O’Neil and Ms. Mattera,

You failed to discuss with me why I said that Mexican laborers should not be milking diary cows before you wrote a statement denouncing me for having made this statement.  You know nothing about the work of milking and caring for dairy cattle, yet you quickly attacked me for having said what I said about that work.  I said that this factory farm labor practice was wrong because it was likely to lead to poor care of the cattle.  I meant what I said.  I have many years of experience in taking care of dairy cattle.

I demand that you immediately retract your statement and publish an apology.  If you do not retract the statement and publish the apology before midnight tonight, I will commence a libel suit against the two of you and Mr. LaVenia.

The three of you did not do very much thinking before you wrote and published the denouncement on the Green Party of New York State website.  You will learn to think before you attack good people.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig



  1. Heathcliff Jones said

    Does this mean you’re not on the ballot as a Green? Are you a write-in?

    • Hey Heathcliff,

      I obtained the Green Party ballot line by petitioning last Spring. The flaky Green Party people from New York City and Albany don’t know a thing about taking care of cattle on factory farms. They don’t know anything about politics in the North Country. The ballot line is mine for this election.

      The people in the cities are going to have to wake up and start dealing with reality. They will come to see the truth of my words. Cattle are being abused by factory farmers. Part of that abuse is using non-English speaking employees to provide care for the cattle and to milk them.

      I am looking forward to the days of revolution that are not far off now. The Truth is coming out. The Truth is what will spark the Revolution.

      joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

      Don Hassig

  2. Rick Burrell said

    Keep standing up for the “little guy”.
    Viva the Revolution

  3. Hey Rick,

    Keeping it real is all there is. The corporate-government culture people want us to just quietly accept all of the bad things that they have done. I am not going to accept cows being abused on factory farms. I am not going to accept fracking in the United States. I am not going to accept children being born with cancer. I am not going to accept the government lying about causes of cancer. I am not going to accept all of the wars and all of the cheating.

    Viva the revolution brother.

    joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

    Don Hassig

  4. John Rey said

    “Cattle are being abused by factory farmers. Part of that abuse is using non-English speaking employees to provide care for the cattle and to milk them.”

    Don Hassig, that statement requires some explanation, please. Is there a communication problem with the employees, then? Can they not be given instructions or be communicated with in their own language (which I assume is Spanish)? Have these employees never milked cows before? Do they require training? Or what is the problem exactly?

  5. I have worked with dairy cattle for most of my life. I say that people who do not speak English can not give dairy cattle a satisfactory level of care on factory dairy farms owned and operated by English speaking factory farmers in a region of the country that speaks only English. The horrible, negative people of the North Country gang up and attack me for being a racist. This is ridiculous. I will roll over top of this exactly as I have rolled over top of all of the other horrible experiences that I have had in this place, which is inhabited by a significant number of horrible, little, mindless people.

    I have written of this already, but it is worth repeating. People who do not speak English are unable to provide humane care to dairy cattle because the work is not simple work that does not require good communications between employer and employees. There are many things that need discussed: foot rot, mastitis, ketosis, mange, lice, pink eye, use of pesticides, use of bovine growth hormone, use of highly concentrated dairy rations, use of mineral supplements, operation of heavy equipment, calving, calf care, housing, ventilation of the barns, cleaning of the barns and breeding of the cattle. The braindead statements found on the NCPR In Box blog calling for me to spell out just how not understanding the English language can interfere with providing dairy cattle with proper care are perfect proof that these horrible, negative people know nothing about dairy farming. Nonetheless, these awful people are well prepared to attack me. This is bull shit.

    The majority of the people who have commented on the NCPR In Box blog are negative toward me. I wish they would wake up and think about the wonderful high-powered work that I have done here in the Adirondack mountains and the St. Lawrence River valley. I did more than all of the other residents of the congressional district put together to bring changes directed toward the elimination of open waste burning. I stopped the Chatham Forest Products OSB mill project with the help of a few good Cancer Action NY members. I have brought out the Truth on the poisoning of the St. Lawrence River valley communities of Massena and Akwesasne with PCBs. I am so glad that the horrible negative people who post on this blog do not represent the majority of North County residents. There are many North Country residents who love and honor me for the good work that I do.

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