Green Party Denounces Hassig’s Comments, Says They Don’t Represent Green Values



  1. Jeff Peress said


    With all due respect I do not think you represent the Green Party at all and the is an embarassment to our party to achieve Economnic and Social Justice. I strongly condemn your zenophoic remarks. You sound like my former congressman Peter King. It does not take a language to learn how to milk cows. Do you know your history. NAFTA 1993 affected not only the US but also Mexico. Have you ever asked the workers what happened to their farms in Mexico after NAFTA? Because the US subsidized agribusiness exports of GMO/GE crops are very cheap that the Mexican farmers could no longer compete with the US. Most of the farmers lost their farms due to GMO/GE subsidized US crops.

    Would you have seperated and deported my father from me too?

    As far as a liablilty suit bring it on against peter and everyone else. You do not have a case you were quoted in an audio and I heard it and what you said sounds like you meant it.

    I fell so ashamed of my present and former colleagues on the state committee from Nassau that supported you for governor back in 02. I am pretty sure they regret it now.

    Your oppoents would not even think of saying such a thing. How do you call yourself a Green? I had the impression that you were a peace loving hippy.I guess I was wrong on that.

    I would not even assoaciate myself as a candidate since I am also running with you. The damage has already been done all the way from the Ohio State Green Party and some of our affilates at the anti-fracking allies.

    Inhope Peter LaVenia and Gloria Mattrea look into the legal issues of haviing you removed from the rolls as an enrollee in the Green Party.

    Jeff Peress
    Another Green party Candidate not wanting to be associated with you.

  2. Jeff,

    Why have you attacked me without asking me what I said and why I said it? You are blindly following the leading of the corrupt corporate news media. They have taken my words and spun them in a way that caused you and other Green Party people to jump to the conclusion that I am a racist. You don’t get it. I said what I said because cattle are being abused by factory farmers in many ways. One of the ways factory farmers abuse cattle is hiring non-English speaking people to care for and milk the cattle. This is cheap labor. It is not labor that is well suited to giving the cattle careful and humane treatment.

    You have wronged me by taking the view that I am a racist. I know that I am not a racist. I know that I said what I said because I wanted to speak out against factory farm abuses of cattle. If you would listen to what I said without being so quick to jump on the Hassig is a Racist Bandwagon you would realize that I was attacking abuse of cattle not immigrant workers.

    You owe me an apology.

    joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

    Don Hassig

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