10/19/12 News Release: NY-21 Candidates on Fracking in America

NY-21 Candidates on Fracking

On October 18th, all three candidates in the NY-21 race were in the spot light.  We were at the New York State Ranger School in Wanakena, New York to participate in a Meet the Candidates Night.  When a citizen asked whether or not candidates would advocate for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I took the opportunity to bring up the fracking controversy.  I stated that I was for banning fracking for gas and oil.  I stated that this was necessary because of the serious damages to environment and public health that had been reported as a result of fracking in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming and North Dakota.  I pointed out that October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when it should be National Breast Cancer Prevention Month.  I went on to describe the increased breast cancer incidence in the part of Texas where shale gas extraction has been taking place for an extended period of time.  I stated that in a breast cancer epidemic caused by exposures to industrial chemicals that contaminate air, water and food it is a terrible mistake to add on a large quantity of exposure to chemical carcinogens by fracking for gas and oil in America.

The Republican candidate, Matt Doheny was horrible on this issue.  He said that he was all for drilling in ANWR.  He spoke only of the low unemployment rate in North Dakota and the large number of jobs created in Pennsylvania when addressing fracking.  He does not show any concern whatsoever for the damages to environment or public health that are known to be associated with shale oil and shale gas extraction.

Democrat William Owens, the incumbent stated that he was for energy independence and that we needed to utilize the energy resources that existed in America.  He did mention alternative energy sources including wind and solar but it was clearly that he viewed shale resource extraction as major and alternative energy as minor.  He dismissed environmental and public health concerns involving fracking by saying that everything had a risk associated with it and these risks must be taken.

There is a huge difference between what the Republican-Democrat duopoly supports in the realm of energy use and what the Green Party is calling for.  The two major parties want what the oil and gas companies want.  They want shale oil and shale gas extraction with little or no regulation regardless of the fact that experience with this technology has now shown that very serious damages to environment and public health are being imposed.  Big corporations meaning big money is what the Republicans and Democrats are all about.

The Green Party is for stopping all shale oil and shale gas extraction because fracking is far too damaging to environment and public health.  This is very simple.  Fracking is wrong so don’t do it.  The Green Party is able to place environmental protection and public health protection at high priority.  The major parties are totally incapable of doing this.  Fracking is the perfect window on what is important to the various political parties of our country.  Only the Green Party has the integrity and the wisdom to take a strong stand against fracking.  Because of the greed that rules the major parties, no reluctance to promote shale gas and shale oil extraction can be found in their NY-21 candidates.



  1. Rich Paul said

    Go Don Hassig !
    The one party system is going down. The exclusion of third parties in local congressional races and the presidential race is an insult to us all. Our soldiers are,”:Fighting for our freedoms” Who the hell is taking our rights away to hear another view because Obama and Romney have the same view on almost everything. The Commission on Presidential Debates is an exclusive club for the one party system, but who is limiting Mr. Hassig’s participation in Northern New York?? This is an insult to everyone and particularly our troops who are fighting two wars, with repeated deployments, and all without a military draft because our chicken hawk leaders in the one party system couldn’t take the heat if they asked everyone to put their ass on the line.
    You have my vote and my families vote!

  2. Alec said

    With regard to fracking in NY, look at this site! http://www.sovereignpeople.net

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