10/18/12 News Release: Freedom of Speech Honored in American Courtroom, Whoop!!!

Freedom of Speech Honored in American Courtroom

Judge Frank Dunning of the Parishville Town Court has dismissed the
trespass charge that I faced resulting from a free speech incident
which occurred last July.  I am so happy to know that freedom of
speech is honored by the justice system.  I felt quite certain that
this would be the eventual outcome of my encounter with the law.

Everyone that heard my story about being arrested for trespassing in a
public park for educating children about an avoidable cancer hazard
made the same response.  “How can it be trespassing when it was in a
public place?”  It wasn’t trespassing.  The Parishville Town Court has
confirmed this.  The New York State Police gave me an unlawful order
when they told me to leave the Parishville Town Park.  I knew that
their order was unlawful and that is why I refused to leave.

I love freedom of speech.  It is one of my most cherished rights.
Today, I exercised my freedom of speech on the SUNY Potsdam College
campus.  For over an hour, I danced and spoke out about the fracked up
America we endeavor to persevere in and the path of recovery for our
beloved country.  Many students expressed their solidarity.  This was
a very good day of building the New American Revolution.

During these latter days of 2012, the end of the world as we know it
is taking place.  I can see so much of the new world that I tend to
think of the end of the old world as having taken place already.  The
Occupy Movement has brought us into the early stages of revolution.
These are the most exciting times to be alive that any of us have ever
known.  Those of us who are good and strong have reason for great joy.


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