10/10/12 News Release: Hassig on False WPTZ Claim Attempting to Hide Illegal Act Excluding Green Party from Debate

Hassig on False WPTZ Claim Attempting to Hide Illegal Act Excluding Green Party from Debate

WPTZ Channel 5 TV in Plattsburgh has excluded me from participation in a congressional candidate debate scheduled for October 16th, 2012 in Plattsburgh.  I have complained about this bad behavior to WPTZ decision-makers without receiving any response from them.

I have now received a letter from the law firm representing WPTZ in matters involving federal law and the broadcast media.  (See attached document.)  The legal argument provided is that by definition, a debate is “on the spot news coverage”, which is exempt from the equal coverage requirements of federal law.  So long as WPTZ goes unchallenged in its claim that it has used its fair and unbiased news judgement to decide to exclude a candidate who is not sufficiently news worthy, the matter is closed.  I do not have the money to hire an attorney to challenge this false claim.  Thus, the bad exclusionary behavior of WPTZ will not be challenged.  WPTZ will get away with breaking federal law because the Green Party does not have the money to challenge its illegal action in court.  I consider the claim of use of news judgement to exclude me to be false because of the great showing that I made in the September 25th, 2012 candidate forum in Queensbury and the considerable news coverage that my campaign has generated.  I know that I am a news worthy candidate.  WPTZ knows that I am a news worthy candidate.  Exclusion from the WPTZ debate has nothing to do with news worthiness.  It has everything to do with the controlling influences of money, advertising money.

WPTZ is lying to create an illusion of lawfulness.  The real reason WPTZ has excluded me from its debate is that this media entity is required by the advertisers that support it to maintain the status quo and the two party lock on power.  Allowing me to participate in the Plattsburgh debate would be a small step in giving voters a choice based upon knowledge of my positions on important matters of governance.  That much voter knowledge is a threat to the status quo and the duopoly.  WPTZ would be offending its advertisers if I were to be given an opportunity to share my ideas with voters.  The Democrats and Republicans cheat by controlling the news media.  They cheat by paying for advertising with money from corporate campaign donors.  They cheat by having supporters who buy advertising and make known to the news media what they will and will not tolerate.

Politics in America is all about cheating.  This is why it will be necessary to do a revolution before the Green Party will come to hold any significant power in the United States.  I believe these things must be done:  build the Green Party, augment the voices that speak in favor of revolution and take actions that lead to revolution.  Conducting occupations of various corporate and governmental entities are small steps that lead to revolution.  Speaking out against the bad corporations and the bad government are small steps that lead to revolution.  If we want to be free of corporate dominance of our government, we need to do these things.

I am joyous in Nature.  Viva the Revolution!


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