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10/31/12 News Release: I Choose to Take Legal Action Against Discrimination. I am not a Refugee. I am an American Revolutionary.

I Choose to Take Legal Action Against Discrimination. I am not a Refugee.  I am an American Revolutionary.


Statement on Clarkson University Hostility Toward Cancer Prevention Truth-Donald L. Hassig, Director Cancer Action NY, 10/31/12


For over two decades, I have endeavored to build a positive relationship with Clarkson University.  My purpose in attempting to do so was to establish a joint educational outreach on the subject of pollutant carcinogen exposure minimization directed to the campus community.  Early on in this endeavor, I became aware of a very palpable hostility toward the message that exposure to chemical carcinogens causes cancer.


I experienced nothing other than shunning when diligently working to contact Clarkson University professors and administrators to initiate a dialogue on pollutant carcinogen exposure minimization education.  The following people never returned a telephone call, despite repeated efforts to contact them by telephone:  Dr. Allan Rossner, Chair of the Environmental Science Department; Dr. Thomas Holsen, Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Dr. Kurt Stimeling, Dean of Students.  The following people returned telephone calls with great reluctance:  Kelly Chezum, Office of Community Relations; and Dr. Michelle Crimi, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science.  Neither Ms. Chezum, nor Ms. Crimi demonstrated any good intention in the few words that passed between us.  Dr. Andrea Ferro, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science was willing to speak substantively on the subject of dioxin exposure cancer risk.  She gave me the opportunity to make a presentation to her graduate students on the subject of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s draft 2003 dioxin reassessment.  The graduate students demonstrated considerable interest in the matter of utilizing scientific knowledge on the subjects of dioxin exposure and cancer risk to minimize the quantity of harm imposed by dioxin exposure for the general population.  These students expressed their belief that educational outreach to children was key to success in an effort to minimize harm.  I made repeated requests to speak to other groups of students but Dr. Ferro has never agreed to another presentation.


Considering the lack of cooperation from Clarkson University professors and administrators, I set about conducting an educational outreach to students on my own.  I sought out the leaders of the Eco Club.  I contacted Tracy Roux, president of this student organization and requested the opportunity to make a presentation on the subject of pollutant carcinogen exposure reduction education to the her group.  Ms. Roux was open to this offer.  Lewis M. Shepard and I visited the campus and gave a brief presentation for Ms. Roux and one or two other club members.  I followed up with efforts to build a relationship with the Eco Club and met with no willingness to interact.  Cancer Action NY has not obtained the opportunity to make any more presentations to the Clarkson University campus community.


Having exhausted all efforts to obtain invitations to give presentations on the subject of cancer prevention focusing on reducing exposure to chemical carcinogens, I decided to  start giving impromptu performances of environmental dance and spoken word on this subject on the Clarkson University campus.  I chose the Student Activities Center because it was a place where students were present in large numbers and where they were not immersed in educational activities.  Lewis M. Shepard and I made several visits to the Student Activities Center and succeeded in making contact with a considerable number of students.  We spoke to students and handed out pamphlets.  I also visited the Student Activities Center alone.  On one of these solo visits, I was approached by an officer of the Safety and Security Office and asked to leave the campus.  The officer stated that he had received a complaint from a student.  I tried to explain my purpose in giving the environmental dance and spoken word performances, but he was very rude and uncivil and demanded that I immediately leave the campus.  I left of my own choice.  Potsdam Village Police were summoned by the security officer.  I spoke with a police officer briefly in the parking lot where my car was parked and then left the campus.  I contacted Safety and Security Chief David Delisle and complained about the bad behavior of the security officer.  He stated that he would deal with it.


I have encountered a considerable amount of negativity in response to my work as an environmental protection activist in the North Country region of New York State.  This is largely due to the particular focus of this work, which is the pollutants of major significance in cancer causation in the region.  The industial entities that have contaminated the St. Lawrence River Valley with PCBs, mercury and other pollutant toxicants are strongly opposed to public education on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization.  This is due to several issues, including:  potential litigation, clean-up costs and shame.  Additionally, the beef and dairy producers of the region have to some limited degree sought to repress the dissemination of scientific knowledge on the subjects of POPs exposure, health effects and exposure minimization.  Exposure minimization is largely a matter of minimizing consumption of animal fats.  Some of the beef and dairy producers are more concerned about maintaining their sales of animal fat containing foods than public health protection.


Clarkson University is a respected part of the North Country.  I am happy to have the use of Clarkson library computers and printers for producing public educational documents.  However, I am not happy with being treated unfairly when it comes to the posting of documents on the campus.  I have encountered significant unfairness in my endeavors to post disease prevention documents on the Clarkson University campus.  This unfairness is best summarized as follows.  I place documents in places where others place documents.  My documents are taken down.  I eventually speak with Safety and Security personnel and am advised that I need permission to post documents on the campus.  I make a diligent effort to communicate with Kelly Chezum, the person that has the authority to grant this permission.  Ms. Chezum refuses to communicate.


On Sunday, October 28, 2012 during a visit to the Clarkson University library to print cancer prevention educational materials, I encountered an experience that has caused me to conclude that it is time to take strong action to bring an end to the discriminatory acts that I have endured at Clarkson.  I had finished with the printing work and was washing my hands in the restroom at approximately 9:00 PM.  I heard someone enter the restroom and I felt concerned when the person walked up very close to me.  I looked up and saw a uniformed security officer.  This person was glaring at me.  He spoke loudly and with much aggression in his voice.  He said, “Mr. Hassig, what are you doing here?”  He went on to state that I had been provided with a persona non grata letter and he questioned why I would come onto the campus after having received such a letter.  The hostility in his eyes, voice and body language caused me to feel a slight quantity of fear.  I pushed this emotion away and started into defending myself.  I stated that I was present on the campus to print cancer prevention educational materials as I was free to do.  I stated that I had not received a persona non grata letter.  I stated that I would leave the campus after I was done washing my hands and collecting my copies from the library.  This security officer then left the restroom.  When I came out into the main lobby of the library complex, he was waiting there with another security officer.  I walked over to them and stated that I disapproved of his aggressive behavior.  He stated that he had not been aggressive in a very much less than genuine way.


I went into the library, got my copies and proceeded to leave the building.  The offending officer walked up to me very close and began accompanying me down the hallway to the exit.  I had had enough of his bad behavior by this time.  I pointed to a large banner display promoting the Environmental Health Sciences Program at Clarkson and stated that this was a “lie”.  I explained that the deception lay in having no real interest in protecting human health, the program’s purpose being to provide corporations with employees who would fit into the industrial culture of careless chemical use.  The bad security officer stated that I must keep going and he threatened me with possible arrest.


As soon as I got outdoors, I felt much more free to act in my full defense.  I walked quickly to my vehicle and shouted “Viva the Revolution”.  I got in the vehicle, rolled down the window and told the officer to frack himself.  As I drove off this campus where I had experienced so much discrimination for so long, I felt a great amount of freedom in bringing an end to the whole bad relationship.  I was not surprised when Safety and Security Chief David Delisle refused to believe that one of his officers would behave as described above.  I was not surprised when I received a persona non grata letter from Mr. Delisle on 10/30/12.  The letter stated that I had become aggressive as soon as the officer asked me what I was doing on the campus.  There was no mention of the bad behavior of the officer.  Mr. Delisle and Mr. Duquette, the bad behaving security officer had fabricated a story that made them look good.  These people are so good at lying.


I have decided to crack this wall of resistance to good change.  Certain other matters of significance to my place in the North Country community have reached a point where I find it necessary to file a federal civil rights suit.  I am going to name Clarkson University in that suit.  It is illegal to discriminate against a person because of that person’s creed.  There are several powerful entities in the North Country that have discriminated against me because of my creed.  I have now settled upon commencing an anti-discrimination lawsuit naming Clarkson University, the Johnson Newspaper Corporation and the Hearst Corporation.  Despite the fact that there is little justice in the courts of America, there is the wonderful outcome of having the opportunity to question the defendants in a federal courtroom.  I look forward with much excitement to the days when I will be asking the hard questions of Mr. Delisle and others who discriminate at Clarkson University.  Asking the hard questions of Robert Gorman and Brian Amaral of the Johnson Newspapers Corporation and Casey Seiler of the Hearst Corporation in the Albany Federal Courthouse will be so exhilarating.


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10/31/12 News Release: Green Party Candidate Hassig Writes to US EPA HQ OAR Requesting Investigation of Alleged Violation of CAA by US Army at Fort Drum

Green Party Candidate Hassig Writes to US EPA HQ OAR Requesting
Investigation of Alleged Violation of CAA by US Army at Fort Drum

I have received an anonymous letter describing a violation of the
Clean Air Act (CAA) by the US Army at Fort Drum.  I have carefully
read the enclosed documents and have decided that the allegation set
forth in the letter is very likely to be true.  I have experience
dealing with allegations of violations of the CAA.  The Lyonsdale
Power Company was violating the CAA by burning construction and
demolition debris in its cogeneration facility in Lyonsdale, New York.
Local residents brought this matter to my attention and we worked
together to bring an end to the violation.

I have written to Cynthia Browne in the US Environmental Protection
Agency’s HQ Office of Air and Radiation in request of an investigation
of the alleged violation.  Please find below a copy of this letter.

The US military has a long history of polluting activities:  burning
supply depots rather than transporting the supplies outside of areas
that may fall into enemy hands; using depleted uranium munitions;
bombing modern cities; aerial spraying of defoliants in the Vietnam
War; and dropping nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II.  If I am
elected to Congress I will take action to bring an end to the
polluting activities of the military.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Donald Hassig <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:16:09 -0400
Subject: 10/31/12 Letter to Cynthia Browne, US EPA HQ OAR Requesting
Investigation of Alleged Violations of CAA by US Army at Fort Drum


Cynthia Browne
Office of Air and Radiation
US Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Ms. Browne,

I have recently come into possession of certain documents containing
information, which leads me to conclude that the US Army at Fort Drum
is acting in violation of the Clean Air Act.  Based upon the
information in these documents it is my belief that military personnel
at Fort Drum are causing the uncontrolled release of ozone depleting
chemicals (ODCs) to the outdoor atmosphere.  The documents indicate
that R-22 is being used in leaking equipment.  R-22 is continuously
leaking out of the equipment and entering the outdoor atmosphere.
Military personnel are continuing to replace the lost R-22.  Military
personnel are aware of the continuous release of R-22 and are doing
nothing to remedy the problem.

I request that the US Environmental Protection Agency investigate my
allegation of violation of the Clean Air Act by the US Army at Fort
Drum.  Please produce a report detailing the findings of requested
investigation and provide a copy of this report to Cancer Action NY.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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10/30/12 News Release: “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” Performance Ends in Trespass Arrest at St. Lawrence County Human Services Building

“Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” Performance Ends in Trespass Arrest at St. Lawrence County Human Services Building

I arrived at the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building shortly before 3:00 PM and commenced to give an environmental dance and spoken word performance titled, “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention”.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an evil lie of the evil corporations that used chemicals carelessly and now are forcing the governmental public health entities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York State Department of Health to avoid the subject of carcinogen exposure and breast cancer causation.  I have read all of the literature that is made available on the National Breast Cancer Awareness table that is set up in the Human Services Building.  The educational pieces found there make no mention of breast carcinogens.  The scientific literature contains a large number of research articles that describe many chemicals as breast carcinogens:  PCBs, dioxins, DDT, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), TCE and cadmium.  Leaving out the scientific facts of breast carcinogen exposure and breast cancer risk is a deliberate effort to deceive.  The petro-chemical corporations that have released breast carcinogens into the environment and are responsible for the exposures that cause breast cancer use the governmental public health entities to attempt to hide the Truth from the people who have been poisoned and caused to get breast cancer.  The government documents used for breast cancer awareness education focus on screening, early detection and behaviors that increase breast cancer risk including:  drinking alcohol, lack of exercise and failing to eat enough fruits and vegetables.  Leaving out the root causes of breast cancer, the breast carcinogens, is lying.

My “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer” performance included a brief indictment of Dr. Susan Hathaway, Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department, who has shown herself to be an enemy of those who bring forward the Truth of breast cancer causation and corporate-government culture deceptions.  This was most appropriate due to the fact that Dr. Hathaway happened to be walking through the lobby of the Human Services Building at the time my performance was taking place.  I also made it clear that kicking ass for breast cancer prevention was about confronting the bad corporate people and the bad government people on their deceptions concerning what can be done to limit the harm of breast cancer.

After I had been performing for approximately 45 minutes, a New York State Police officer entered the building and went into the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office.  He passed right by me, which led me to believe that he was attending to some police business in the DMV office.  When he passed through the lobby on his way out of the building, I asked him what he thought of kicking ass for breast cancer prevention.  He seemed to lack interest in this so I offered him some Cancer Action NY literature that describes the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure cancer hazard.  He refused to take this information.

A short time later, the State Police officer returned to the building with a St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy.  The State Police officer told me that I must leave the building because, I was disturbing employees and visitors alike.  I stated, that I would not be leaving of my own volition because I valued my freedom of speech especially freedom of speech about a cancer epidemic caused by bad corporate people and bad government people.  He stated that he was not interested in any of this and that I was breaking the law.  I stated that I was not breaking any laws because the US Constitution guaranteed me freedom of speech and because St. Lawrence County government had given me permission to conduct educational outreach in the Human Services Building.  I requested that the officer contact Mike Cunningham, my contact in St. Lawrence County government to check on my arrangements with county government.  He declined to do this.  He told me to leave again.  I told him no.

I decided to cooperate to a limited extent.  I offered to leave the building if I were to be given an appearance ticket on a trespass charge.  He agreed to do this.  That was the end of it.  I left the building, received the appearance ticket and drove off.  As I left the parking lot, I rolled down my window and shouted out, “Viva the Revolution” to a group of young men that had been a very good audience for my “Kicking Ass for Breast Cancer Prevention” performance.  One of these young, lively American men had joined into the performance to the extent that he was busting some moves to Usher’s “More”.  We truly had a great time.  I love dancing and speaking out.  I love talking to the police about cancer prevention and freedom of speech.  I love standing my ground on my freedom of speech.  I even like getting arrested for speaking the Truth and encouraging people to revolt against the bad corporate people and the bad government people.

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10/28/12 News Release: Post Star Lies Kissing Corporate Butt to Justify Endorsing Doheny

Glens Falls Post Star Editorial:  ENDORSEMENT Doheny deserves a chance

Exerpt from the editorial piece accessed via the URL found above.

“Considering the choice, this could have been the perfect opportunity to consider a third-party candidate such as Donald Hassig, who is running on the Green Party line. But seeing Hassig at the congressional debate at Queensbury High School, it was apparent he did not have the experience or expertise to tackle any of the difficult issues the country now faces.

It came as no surprise this week when the Green Party distanced itself from Hassig after he made several inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants.”

My response to this false and obviously corporate butt kissing editorial follows.

“I visited Glens Falls several times since starting my campaign in July 2011.  Glens Falls is dominated by smokestack industries.  The Post Star is showing itself to be dominated by these industries when its Editorial Board (EB) speaks falsely of me. What I said at the Queensbury candidate forum would convince anyone who can think that I am the only candidate who possesses the strength of character to make the changes that will save our country from the ruin that is being caused by greedy American business people.  I presented a plan for creating millions of new jobs, ending the evil wars, protecting our environment; eliminating cancer and creating fairness in taxation, health care and education:  withdraw from the WTO and FTAs; downsize to a defensive purposes only military; ban shale gas and shale oil extraction; enact a Cancer Elimination Act; establish a sales tax on Wall Street sales; and provide free health care and education through graduate school for all Americans.  Revolt!!!”-Donald L. Hassig

I tried to post this statement on the Post Star website, but it seemed perversely intent upon rejecting my Truthful words.  I suspect that even their website cheats.

Viva the Revolution!



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Getting Arrested a Lot Because I Love Speaking Freely to Bring Out the Truth and to Confront Bad Corporations and Bad Government on the Poisoning of the Global Food Supply

I have been arrested six times since starting my Love the Earth
Protect the Earth Change Everything Campaign in July of 2011:  (1)
July 2011 trespass charge for speaking out in the outdoor plaza of the
James Hanley Federal Building in Syracuse about industrial
contaminants in animal fats; (2) October 13, 2011, criminal trespass,
resisting arrest and disorderly conduct for continuing speaking to St.
Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire after she stated that
she would not debate the difference between breast cancer detection
and breast cancer prevention with me; (3) November 2011 trespass for
standing silently inside the United States Post Office in the Village
of Potsdam with a three-fold display board message that stated, “POPs
Cause Cancer”; (4) July 2012 trespass for placing a three-fold display
board with the message stated above on a bench at the Parishville Town
Park and dancing at the far end of the beach; (5) September 2012
disorderly conduct for dancing and speaking out about POPs
contamination of the food supply and the failure of government to
provide warning of this avoidable health hazard resulting from
corporate control of government on Washington Street in Watertown; (6)
October 24, 2012 trespass for handing out leaflets on the subject of
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization inside the
main lobby of the Massena Memorial Hospital.  All charges have been
dismissed except for the disorderly conduct charge that arose from the
dialogue with County Administrator St. Hilaire.  I plead guilty to
disorderly conduct because I said “Frack” to the New York State Court
Security Officer that pushed me out of a public room into the public
hallway and then pushed me down on a public bench in the St. Lawrence
County Courthouse.

The only two charges that have not been disposed of are the disorderly
conduct charge stemming from the Watertown incident and the trespass
charge that resulted from the educational endeavor inside the Massena
Memorial Hospital.  I will beat both of these charges because the
Constitution trumps all laws and regulations.  I was speaking freely
and loudly on the Watertown sidewalk in front of City Hall and I was
quietly handing out cancer prevention pamphlets inside the Massena
Memorial Hospital, a public place that is owned by the Town of
Massena.  I have the right to freedom of speech on the sidewalk in
Watertown and inside the lobby of the Massena Memorial Hospital
because these are public places.

I love speaking freely when every time I do it the Truth becomes more
fully part of these days of our lives.  I love standing up to the
authorities because it is a way of confronting them on their bad
behaviors that have resulted in the out of control use of chemicals
that led to the contamination of the food supply and the epidemics of
cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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10/29/12 Media Advisory: NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Speaks Out for Removal of All Industrial Contaminants in St. Lawrence River Valley at EPA’s Grasse River Superfund Meetings in Akwesasne and Massena

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Speaks Out for Removal of All
Industrial Contaminants in St. Lawrence River Valley at EPA’s Grasse
River Superfund Clean-up Meetings in Akwesasne and Massena

Monday, October 29, 2012, 7:00 PM

Office for the Aging-Seniors Dining Hall, 29 Business Park Road,
Akwesasne, NY USA

Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 7:00 PM

Massena Town Hall, Main Street, Massena, NY USA

ALCOA, the former Reynolds Metals, Inc. and General Motors (GM) have
poisoned the St. Lawrence River Valley in the vicinity of Massena and
Akwesasne.  These corporations poisoned the land, water and air with
PCBs and other industrial chemicals.  There has been some limited
clean-up of the contaminated sediments and soils.  However, much
contamination remains:  ground water contamination, the Toxic Mound on
the former GM Powertrain site, the lagoons on the former GM site, the
sediments of the Grasse River, and the sediments of the Massena Power
Canal.  All of the contaminants should be removed and placed in a
secure repository.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be in Akwesasne and
Massena to obtain public comments on its proposal to remove
contaminated sediments from the Grasse River Superfund site.  This is
a perfect opportunity for the residents of Akwesasne, Massena and the
rest of the region to come forward and demand clean-up of all
industrial contamination in the St. Lawrence River Valley.

I have long advocated for removal of industrial contaminants from the
soils and sediments of the North Country environment.  I have
communicated my desire for removal of these poisons to the EPA on many
occasions.  I have communicated with EPA concerning the need for
public educational outreach to warn the populations that reside in the
vicinity of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contaminated sites of
the POPs exposure health hazard that exists in contamination of the
mainstream food supply.  I have advocated for this because the people
who live near POPs contaminated sites have received unusually heavy
exposures to POPs.  It is of critical importance to their health that
all ongoing POPs exposures be minimized.  The EPA has shown no
interest in providing such educational outreach to the people of the
communities of Akwesasne and Massena.  The EPA is far too much under
the control of the corporations that poisoned the St. Lawrence River
Valley.  I will attend these meetings and call for removal of all
industrial contaminants from the St. Lawrence River Valley.  I will
call for education to warn the residents of the St. Lawrence River
Valley of their ongoing exposures to POPs that result from consumption
of mainstream food supply animal fats, including:  meats, fish, eggs
and dairy products.  EPA should provide every family in the St.
Lawrence River Valley with a copy of the 2010 World Health
Organization (WHO) report, titled, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:
Impact on Child Health”.  This report calls for a worldwide effort to
minimize the POPs exposures received by children.  WHO prioritizes
populations that reside in the vicinity of POPs contaminated sites for
immediate action on POPs exposure minimization.  I will distribute
copies of the WHO report named above to those in attendance at the
EPA’s Grasse River Superfund Site clean-up meetings.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625

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Hassig Statements on the Use of Non-English Speaking Laborers to Care for and Milk Dairy Cattle and Immigration

A citizen residing in my congressional district asked the question,
“What is your position on having immigrants in America for milking
cows and doing other farm work?”  My answer was very straightforward
and simple.  I said that I was opposed to having non-English speaking
people caring for and milking cows in America.  I explained that
caring for and milking cows was relatively complex work that could not
be accomplished with any reasonable degree of quality on American
factory farms without the ability to speak and read English:  the farm
owners and managers speak English and most do not speak any other
language; the medications and chemicals used on dairy farms are not
all labeled with languages other than English; the mechanical
equipment used on dairy farms is not all labelled with languages other
than English.  I took the position that it was a further abuse of
already much abused cattle to employ non-English speaking people to
care for them and milk them.  I finished my answer to the question
from a potential voter by say, “I would like to see the Mexican dairy
farm workers get their asses kicked out of our country.”  I said it.
I meant it.  I strongly oppose the use of non-English speaking farm
workers to care for and milk dairy cows.

I did not think or speak anything that involved any negativity based
in considerations of race or nationality.  I used the word “Mexicans”
because it is my experience that some of the non-English speaking
people who work on dairy farms in New York State are Mexicans.  I have
personal knowledge that non-English speaking farm workers on the
factory dairy farm across the road from my farm in St. Lawrence County
are Mexicans.  That is the nationality that is stated when the people
I talk to in St. Lawrence County talk about these farm workers.  I did
not seek to convey any negative attitude toward Mexicans when I made
this statement.  I said Mexicans because I believe that Mexicans are
doing this work.  To the best of my knowledge, Mexicans are doing this

Caring for and milking dairy cows can not be done in a sufficiently
well-done way by people who do not speak the English language on
American factory farms where the managers and owners speak English and
most often speak no other language.  Low quality care and milking
leads to mastitis problems for the cows.  Low quality care and milking
leads to more suffering for the cows that are suffering too much when
they are cared for by people who speak English:  closed up in barns
where the odor of manure and urine is overpowering; never free to roam
outdoors, separated from their calves oftentimes immediately after
calving; confined in the vicinity of manure pits that reek of cattle
waste sewage and milk house chemicals; pushed to produce such large
quantities of milk that they are exhausted and unable to continue
producing after living only a brief fraction of their normal span of
years; injected with bovine growth hormone; kept on concrete, which
ruins their feet and killed in a slaughter house filled with the smell
of death.  Using non-English speaking workers to care for and milk
dairy cows on factory farms is very abusive of cows because it is
abuse on top of abuse.  I am very, very opposed to factory farmers
abusing cows.  I am for banning factory dairy farming because it is
abusive of cattle.

America must face and deal with the abuse of cattle that takes place
on factory dairy farms.  America must ban factory dairy farms and all
other factory farms.

I am far from a racist.  My father grew up in Ohio and saw the
discriminatory actions of his community against people of color.  He
instilled in me a respect for all people regardless of race or
nationality.  I respect people who respect other people.  I adhere to
the Golden Rule, that being, “Do unto others as you would have others
do unto you”.  My heroes are:  Geronimo, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull,
Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Jesus.  I don’t
have any heroes that are white.

I am for diligently enforced limitations on immigration.  Our country
has a population that exceeds 308 million.  There is no benefit to
having a higher human population in America.  The environment and the
other living beings are much benefited by limitations upon human
population.  For these reasons I am for no growth in population.  The
right immigration policy for maintaining a stable population is very
simple.  We only allow into our country those people with great
expertise in valuable skills and knowledge and those people who have
relatives that are United States citizens.  Considering this
limitation on immigration, we do not let in farm workers, laborers and
other low-skilled people.

Factory dairy farms and all other factory farms must someday be
outlawed.  In the meantime, the factory dairy farmers should pay their
farm workers a living wage.  If
 the factory dairy farmers offered a
living wage to workers, there would be plenty of American citizens who
wanted those jobs.  The key is forcing the factory dairy farmers to
pay a living wage.

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