9/27/12 Media Advisory: Green Hassig Visits SUNY Plattsburgh Campus to Dance and Speak on Stopping Bad Corporate People from Ruining America

Green Hassig Visits SUNY Plattsburgh Campus to Dance and Speak on
Stopping Bad Corporate People from Ruining America

Thursday, September 27, 2012, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

SUNY Plattsburgh, Amite Plaza (outside Angell College Center),
Plattsburgh, NY USA

The people who love money and will do anything to get more of it have
organized themselves into political parties.  The worst of them are in
the Republican Party, the slightly less bad are in the Democratic
Party.  If the people who do not love money are going to take action
to protect the America that we love, it is time to start taking action
now.  The greed driven corporate tribe has done all this harm:  global
climate change, epidemic levels of cancer, diabetes and heart disease,
hatred of America coming from much of the Middle East and Africa,
horrible offensive wars, selling American jobs to nations that abuse
workers and the Earth, cheating Americans out of their right to have a
representative government, poisoning water and air with shale oil and
shale gas extraction and rendering the governmental public health
entities incapable of warning the public of pollutant exposure health
hazards.  There has got to be an end to this.

The people who want to bring an end to the corporate take over of
government and the ruination of America need to get organized and get
organized fast.  Join the Green Party.  Support Green Party
candidates.  Get out in the streets and Occupy Everywhere!

“My environmental dance performance on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus is
intended to rouse up a burning desire in the hearts of students to
stop the bad corporate people from further damaging our beloved
America.  I am hopeful that students will see me dancing, hear me
speaking out against the corporate abusers and ask me what they can do
to start protecting our America.”-Donald L. Hassig


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