9/23/12 News Release: Green Party Revolutionary Hassig Campaigns Early Sunday Morning with New American Voters Who Love the Idea of Building the Green Party Doing the Revolution and Conducting Fair Elections

Green Party Revolutionary Hassig Campaigns Early Sunday Morning with
New American Voters Who Love the Idea of Building the Green Party
Doing the Revolution and Conducting Fair Elections

I had a great campaign experience very early this morning, 12:00
AM-1:30 AM.  The original plan was to keep my campaign promise of
visiting the Tick Tock Tavern a favorite dance club in Canton.  I had
promised to do so if students at SUNY Canton College would vote for
me.  I got there later than I had planned and found the waiting line
to be very long.  I could just imagine the crush indoors.  There would
have been no room for my free style dancing in there.  In my love of
street campaigning, I went back to the van and got my three-fold
display board with the “America Needs Gov That Tells the Truth:  POPs
Cause Cancer” message.  I walked over to a group of students hanging
out on the street and asked them if they had decided who they were
going to vote for in the congressional race.  This question brought answers
including: “I am registered to vote at home.”; “I am not going to
vote because my vote is not going to change anything.” and “I love
this.  It’s cool.  Keep on doing it.”.

The good vibe grew until we were doing cell phone pictures and
discussing campaign issues.  The most powerful discussion was
on the subject of health care.  A very intelligent and passionate
young woman spoke eloquently about her mother’s multiple sclerosis
(MS) diagnosis and outrageous copays for treatment and
pharmaceuticals.  She knows how inadequate the Affordable Care Act
truly is.  This is not affordable care.  Her mother can’t afford it.
The stress of dealing with this catastrophic disease was written all
over her face.  I told her that I was for free health care for all
Americans.  She gave me a hug.  This was a beautiful girl.  I love
campaigning.  As a Green Party candidate I find so much positive
energy in encounters with high school and college age Americans.  We
need to lower the voting age to seventeen.

There was widespread approval for the idea of building the Green
Party, doing a revolution and then conducting fair elections.  This is
the only plan that will place large numbers of good, strong people
like me in positions of power in America.  It was very cool to get
feedback on the build the Green Party, do the revolution, conduct fair
elections scenario.  The students all loved it.  They were in 100%
agreement that the government is fracked up.

I am going to go back next weekend and dance in the street with them.
I am going to make this a cool campaign.  I should have my portable
amplifier by then.  That’s all I need to have a campaign dance party
in the street:  9/29/12 Green Party Street Dance for American Revolution.

I am finding deep satisfaction and exhilarating personal growth in
this 2012 “the end of the world as we know it” campaign.  I have
decided to just keep right on running after election day.  That is the
path to victory in 2020.  In 2020, Donald Hassig will become the congressman
for the 21st Congressional District of New York.


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