9/20/12 News Release: Green Party Political Activist Hassig Writes to St. Lawrence University Security Chief Patrick Gagnon Concerning Obtaining Opportunity to Conduct Voter Educational Outreach on Campus

Green Party Political Activist Hassig Writes to St. Lawrence University Security Chief Patrick Gagnon Concerning Obtaining Opportunity to Conduct Voter Educational Outreach on Campus

I am determined to discover a way to conduct voter educational outreach on the private college campuses without having received an invitation to do so.  I do not receive invitations from the elitists who people private college campuses.  I am a peasant revolutionary.  I offend the finer sensibilities of the elitists.  They can not stand it that I am more beautiful-minded, stronger in character and more intelligent than they are.  This goes counter to their elitist beliefs.  I want to educate these elitist voters as a step toward reforming them.  I am opposed to elitism and wish to bring it down.

The private colleges of America are bastions of elitism.  These institutions exist for the purpose of maintaining a supply of new people who believe that they are better than everyone else and that they are heirs to a life of privilege and excessive material consumption.  The graduates of private colleges are harmful to America.  They perpetuate the elitism that causes much negativity in community relations.  They drive the forces of unfairness and exploitation.  I have found that private colleges reject anyone who does not ascribe to the philosophy of elitism.  Private college people are especially rejecting of anyone who is strong and disapproving of the bad philosophy of elitism.  If I am elected to Congress, I will do everything that I can to bring an end to the not-for-profit status of private colleges that makes these institutions a burden on tax payers.  The American people are saddled with the responsibility of providing roads, law enforcement, military defenses and environmental protection for the private college crowd.  This is ridiculous.  During my campaign, I will endeavor to shine a light on the evils of elitism.  I am determined to find some way to occupy the private college campuses for the purpose of exercising my freedom of speech where the elitist members of American society have to hear it said that they are wrong and that they are bad for America.

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Donald Hassig <donaldhassig@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:49 AM Subject: 9/20/12 Letter to St. Lawrence University Security Chief Patrick Gagnon Concerning Obtaining Opportunity to Conduct Voter Educational Outreach on the Campus To: Patrick Gagnon <pgagnon@stlawu.edu>


Patrick Gagnon, Chief
Office of Safety and Security
St. Lawrence University
Canton, NY USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Security Chief Gagnon,

I would like to communicate with you concerning all possible means of
voter educational outreach that may be available on the St. Lawrence
University (SLU) campus.  The public colleges in the North Country
region have free speech policies that exist for the purpose of
providing opportunities to exercise free speech on their campuses.
The procedures set forth in these policies do not involve obtaining an
invitation.  The requirement of obtaining an invitation that exists on
the SLU campus is an obstacle to free speech.

Ten years ago, I could call the student leaders in the environmental
organizations on campus and succeed in obtaining an invitation to
speak to a group of students on the subject of local environmental
protection issues.  During the course of the ensuing years, it has
become ever more time consuming and unproductive to make these
telephone calls and attempt to obtain invitations.

It is very clear that a relatively widespread negativity toward me
exists on the SLU campus.  This negative attitude was created as a
result of being given a persona non grata status during the first half
of the 1990’s decade and being kept in that status for approximately
20 years.  The existence of this negativity was born out by the number
of complaints that your office received as a result of me dancing for
approximately one half hour in the area South of the Owen D. Young
Library on a date in the Summer of 2011.  A St. Lawrence University
staff person, whom I will not name, stated to me that people did not
approve of my methods.  This statement was made to me in connection
with my attempts to communicate with students my interest in
conducting educational outreach on the SLU campus on the subject of
the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.

There is a very palpable negativity in what I encounter in attempting
to have contact with SLU students.  I consider this to be the result
of nothing other than discrimination by certain members of the
administration and faculty.  The discrimination is based upon my creed
of loving the Earth and taking action based upon that creed.  It is my
reasonable response to this discrimination to attempt to overcome it.
I am inclined to file a federal civil rights suit alleging
discrimination based upon creed.  Truly, the only reason I have not
already done so is the dislike that I have for producing legal papers.

I continue to choose to attempt to communicate with you about fair
treatment on the SLU campus rather than file a legal action.  I am
hopeful that you will discuss the matter of obtaining some opportunity
to conduct voter educational outreach on campus.  Considering all that
is stated above, it is my position that there is no fairness in being
required to obtain an invitation.  One who has been cast as an
undesirable person for a long period of time does not have the benefit
of obtaining invitations.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig

On 9/20/12, Patrick Gagnon <pgagnon@stlawu.edu> wrote:
> Don:
> I received a message that you wanted to discuss a forum? I only know of your
> request for posters. The forum would require an invitation from our student
> community, as we discussed before. This is a requirement of any political
> candidate.
> Take care…
> Pat


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