Love of the Earth, Courage and Stopping the Bad Corporate People from Further Degrading the Quality of Life on Earth

It is time for every one of us to consider whether or not we love the Earth.  If an American man, woman or child feels the love of the Earth in her/his heart, then there is great work ahead.  These are the days of degradation of life on Earth.  Global climate change is dangerously out of control.  Cancer rates are soaring.  There is much suffering of all manner of environmental diseases.  If we do not stop the bad corporate people from further harming the Earth, they will go on and totally ruin our home.

If you love the Earth, do you have the courage to protect her?  You must ask yourself this.  Do you have the courage that it takes to stand up in the streets and say down with the corporate overlords?  You can find that courage.  It’s inside you.  Now is your time to take a stand and not back down.  These are the days of great change coming.  All of us rising up together will be enough to bring an end to the old, corrupt ways.

There are factories that are heavy polluters.  Hoosier Magnetics, Inc. is a heavy polluter.  Hoosier must be shut down.  It is the responsibility of the good, strong people to shut Hoosier down.  All across the United States, oil and gas companies are fracking for oil and gas.  It is the responsibility of the good, strong American people to stop the fracking corporations.

We can stop the corporations from harming the Earth by gathering in the streets.  Once we start gathering in the streets our numbers will grow.  We will bring the economy to a stand still.  We will succeed in bringing about the downfall of the corrupt government.  We will create a new government.  We will succeed because we must succeed.


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