9/14/12 News Conference: Occupy the New York State Department of Health Because There’s Blood on Its Hands

Occupy the New York State Department of Health Because There’s Blood on Its Hands

Friday, September 14, 2012, 4:00 PM

Outdoor Plaza of Dulles State Office Building, Washington Street, Watertown, New York USA

The New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) is a horrible example of a governmental public health entity that is controlled by politics to the extent that it is totally incapable of providing the public with educational information that utilizes scientific knowledge on the subject of damages to health imposed by exposure to pollutant toxicants.  This unacceptable state of affairs has been a major cause of the high incidence rates of chronic disease in New York State.  September is childhood cancer awareness month in the US and Canada.  October is national breast cancer awareness month.  The false messages that NYS DOH presents to the public on the subject of childhood cancer and breast cancer are best described as the information that corporations want people to have on the subject of cancer.  Because the corporations are responsible for poisoning the environment and the bodies of Americans, they force government to remain silent on the major role that exposure to pollutant carcinogens takes in cancer causation.

“The NYS DOH has abdicated its duty to warn the public of avoidable disease hazards.  The NYS DOH must accept its responsibility to provide such warnings.  The NYS  DOH must take back control of public health education from the corporations.  As a first step on this most honorable path, the NYS DOH must kick the American Cancer Society out of the New York State Cancer Consortium and take back control of the creation of the 2012-2016 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (CCCP).  The CCCP is currently in draft and a public comment period is now open.  Public comment will close at midnight on Sunday, September 26th.  The only way to bring an end to the cancer epidemic that rages in New York State is to begin minimizing exposures to pollutant carcinogens.  The most important step in any strategy to accomplish pollutant carcinogen exposure minimization is providing warning of avoidable pollutant carcinogen exposure cancer hazards.  These warnings are not being provided because the corporations that control New York State government are opposed to providing such warnings.  This is an outrage.  The corporations and the NYS DOH have the blood of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers on their hands.”-Donald L. Hassig


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