9/11/12 News Release: False Arrest is a Tool of Repression. I am a Strong, Good Person. I am the Revolution.

False Arrest is a Tool of Repression.  I am a Strong, Good Person.  I am the Revolution.

During the course of my long years of work as an environmental protection and cancer prevention activist, I have experienced a considerable number of false arrests.  These arrests were most often on the charge of trespass.  I exercise my freedom of speech to express disapproval of the lack of action by corporate controlled government in matters of public health protection, in particular government’s failure to provide the public with warnings of avoidable pollutant exposure health hazards.  I exercise my freedom of speech in government buildings and in other public venues such as public parks.  The false trespass arrests have occurred in the following public places:  the outdoor plaza of the James Hanley Federal Building in Syracuse, the St. Lawrence County Courthouse, the Jefferson County Government Building, the US Post Office in the Village of Potsdam, the Parishville Park in the Town of Parishville and the Hepburn Library in the hamlet of Lisbon.  As a result of all of these arrests a significant fraction of the public takes the position that I am a troublemaker.  This reputation has harmed me in my efforts to build a pollution prevention/exposure minimization movement in the St. Lawrence River Valley and Adirondack Mountains regions of New York State.

I am hopeful that as the Truth continues to come out about such matters as false arrest and failure of government to act for the protection of the public health due to political considerations, I will come to be known as a person who is strong and good and willing to stand up to the bad, powerful people who abuse the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth.  I have not let the repression that I have experienced get me down.  I have grown ever so strong as a result of this bad treatment.  There is a deep joy in my heart knowing that I am a strong, good person who has fought hard for the protection of the Earth and the children of the Earth.  I can say with great conviction, “I am the Revolution”.  I am alive and it feels wonderful breaking free from all repression.  I am joyous in Nature.  Viva the total, global, spiritual, environmental revolution!!


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