9/11/12 Media Advisory: Green Hassig Visits SUNY Potsdam Campus to Speak on Building the Green Party and Sparking Revolution

Green Hassig Visits SUNY Potsdam Campus to Speak on Building the Green
Party and Sparking Revolution

Tuesday, September 11, 2012, 2:30-4:30 PM

SUNY Potsdam College, Outdoor Plaza South of Barrington Student Union,
Potsdam, NY USA

My campaign has two goals:  (1) building the Green Party in the St.
Lawrence River Valley, the Lake Champlain Valley, the Hudson River
Valley and the Adirondack Mountains; and (2) sparking revolution in
the United States.  Both of these endeavors are of great importance to
the future of America and the future of human existence on the Earth.

The Green Party will only come into any significant role in the
governance of the United States after a revolution has brought about
the fall of the corporate controlled government that we now endure.
It is important to build the Green Party so that it is ready to take
up the work of sharing fully in the governance of post revolution

Building the Green Party will only lead to good governance if
revolution clears the way.  The old, corrupt system of two parties and
corporate control will not give up any significant quantity of power
to the Green Party.  There is no fairness in the current political
system.  The Green Party will only flourish after the old system has
been eliminated and we the people are setting about replacing it.   We
will replace it by conducting fair, publicly financed campaigns for
election to the government offices that have been vacated by

I graduated from SUNY Potsdam College in 1977.  Many bad things have
happened in America since my graduation.  A series of offensive wars
has been fought and continue to be fought.  The production of food in
America has become dominated by biotechnology and animal abuse.  The
air has become ever more contaminated with exhaust from motor vehicles
and industrial smokestack emissions.  The waters are ever more
poisoned with run off from factory farms, waste water discharges from
industries and pollutants introduced by fracking for gas and oil.  Tar
sands exploitation has reached horrendous proportions in Canada.  The
news media has become ever more biased and unfair in its reporting and
editorializing.  Global climate change has advanced to a dangerously
out of control stage of destabilization.  First Amendment freedoms are
being curtailed as our nation falls ever deeper into the abyss of a
police state.  Cancer incidence rates continue to rise.  Diabetes
rates continue to rise.  This is all so wrong.  Enough Already!  I am
determined to lead Americans beyond this quagmire of greed and


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