9/10/12 News Release: Green Hassig Statement on Causes of 9/11 Terrorism, Further Entrenchment of Police State and Need for Revolution

Green Hassig Statement on Causes of 9/11 Terrorism, Further
Entrenchment of Police State and Need for Revolution

The attack on and destruction of the World Trade Center on September
11, 2001 was an act of barbaric violence.  The perpetrators of this
attack are responsible for increasing negativity in a time of global
instability.  If Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda were the perpetrators of
this atrocity, then they bear responsibility.  If terrorists that
support the corporate ruling faction in the United States were the
perpetrators of the barbaric act, then they bear responsibility.  At
the current time, we do not know who did this.  The Truth needs to
come out concerning this black day.

Americans need to think critically about why the attack took place.
If Al Qaeda mounted this attack on the United States, we must ask why.
I have thought about this.  I have concluded that the heavy-handed,
abusive actions of the United States in the Middle East, Central
America, Vietnam and Africa have prompted many of the citizens of the
Word to hate the United States.  It is the bad behaviors of the
corporate rulers of America that brought this tragedy upon the
American people.  If on the other hand, corporate terrorists
perpetrated the 9/11 attack, then we must ask why they did it.  I have
contemplated this possibility and concluded that their motivation
would be to create the illusion that it was necessary to clamp down on
international terrorists when in reality the further entrenchment of
the police state in America was being undertaken to control the
American public.  I do not know who perpetrated the attack.  However,
I do know that the evil actions of the corporate rulers of America are
ultimately to blame.

The 9/11 atrocity harmed many thousands of Americans:  those that were
injured and died in the attack, those who responded to the emergency
and were sickened by exposure to toxic dust and smoke and those who
mourn the losses of life and health of their friends and relatives.
I give my deepest sympathy to these people on this day of national
mourning and introspection.  I am hopeful that the American people
will take heed of the dangers that lie in allowing evil people to rule
our country.  I pray to the powers of the Spirit World that the day is
not far off when the American people will throw off the bad corporate
rulers and set about creating a good America that will be loved by the
rest of the World.


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