League of Women Voters of Saratoga County Candidate Survey

Green Party

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1977 Graduate of SUNY Potsdam College: BA with Majors in Biology and Chemistry; Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Experience and Qualifications
I have worked as the Director of Cancer Action NY since January 2000 when I founded this grassroots environmental health organization. Our organization works to minimize exposures to pollutant carcinogens. This involves educational outreach to the general public on the subject of pollutant carcinogen exposure minimization, advocacy for such educational outreach by governmental public health entities and pollution prevention action. Cancer Action NY led to ban open waste burning in NY state.

Key Endorsements
Dr. Ali Zaidi, Professor, SUNY Canton College


Priorities: What would be your top three priorities if elected? (Maximum of 500 characters)
1. Establish a prohibition against corporate spending in all federal election campaigns 2. Create a new governmental institution charged with bringing out the Truth about matters of national significance (The first matter that the National Truth Commission would be addressing is the failure of the federal government’s public health entities to warn the public of the avoidable persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.) 3. Ban all offensive wars

Economy: What should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy and reduce unemployment? (Maximum of 500 characters)
Government should: (1) establish a tax on Wall Street sales, (2) ban offensive wars and set about downsizing the military to an all defensive force and (3) establish a 50K standard deduction with progressive tax rates above this figure. The monies obtained by taking the first two actions would fund free public education through graduate school and free health care for all. Government must create an Environmental Health Education Service employing 3 million to minimize exposure to pollutants.

Energy Policy: What steps would you propose to secure America’s energy needs while protecting the local and global environment? (Maximum of 500 characters)
Ban shale oil and shale gas extraction; Ban tar sands extraction and any importation of tar sands sourced materials; Establish incentives for energy conservation action; Establish grants for residential solar power and wind power projects; Ban oil and gas exploration in the arctic; Eliminate all connections between government and energy corps Provide financial incentives for research and development focusing on alternatives to fossil fuels Increase the fleet mpg requirement to 50 mpg

Money in Politics: Do you support the Disclose Act, which would require disclosure by outside groups of large campaign contributions and expenditures, so that voters can determine the actual sources of funds being spent to influence federal elections? (Maximum of 250 characters)
Yes, I support the Disclosure Act. If elected I would support legislation that prohibits corporate contributions to campaigns for elected office at the state and federal levels of government. This legislation would provide for public financing.

Health Care: What changes, if any, should be made to federal health care policies or programs? (Maximum of 500 characters)
Federal health care must come to include: (1) free health care for all; (2) an Environmental Health Education Service with a staff of 3 million to educate Americans on the subject of pollutant toxicant exposure minimization; (3) a new public health institution charged with insuring that political considerations play no part in public health decision making and that corporations are denied any role in public health; and (4) promotion of alternative therapies for cancer treatment.


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