Viva Massena! What a Good Vibe 2012 Labor Day Celebration

Viva Massena!  I love dancing with and for the people who live in the St. Lawrence River Valley.  I had one of the best time I have ever experienced dancing with the children of the Village of Massena at the 2012 Labor Day picnic in Massena Springs Park earlier today.  I participate in this celebration every year because it is a great event.  This year was the most fun and exciting yet.

You can always depend upon kids to be quick to respond to good intentions, strength of character and great dancing ability.  I am so happy to have danced with such a great group of young Americans.  Massena’s future is bright with young people like these.

The speeches by labor leaders were inspiring.  The day was perfectly Summerlike. What a wonderful way to celebrate Labor Day in the USA.

I handed out more than fifty leaflets on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization.  The focus of these educational documents is minimization of the harm that will result from the contamination of the St. Lawrence River Valley region in the Township of Massena, in St. Lawrence County.

This region is a very important part of my congressional district.  I am committed to creating changes that will bring the day when governmental public health entitites will work hand in hand with grassroots environmental organizations to protect the public from avoidable exposures to pollutant toxicants.


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